ConvertMedia (now Taboola), today announced that it has been selected to provide outstream video units to American Media, Inc. (AMI), the leading publisher of popular celebrity, health and fitness brands in the United States.

They reach over 50 million unique monthly visitors. The deal marked the first-to-market launch of ConvertMedia’s innovative Coffee Break Unit, which serves as a desktop screensaver when a viewer is idle or stops browsing in an active tab.

Improving and enhancing the digital experience.

“AMI is constantly innovating and looking for ways to improve and enhance the digital experience for our users and partners,” said Brian Kroski, Chief Digital Officer at AMI.

“ConvertMedia is a valuable partner in helping us find new digital solutions, like the new Coffee Break unit, that work towards our goals while creating new opportunities to drive revenue from our continued digital growth.”

“AMI’s willingness to use more innovative outstream video units enabled us to help them achieve their revenue goals quickly,” said Yoav Naveh, CEO, and Co-Founder of ConvertMedia.

“Our extensive outstream portfolio of ad units provides publishers with additional opportunities for monetization by accessing a variety of outstream formats, while also managing the user experience with audio controls, skippability controls, quick load time, and frequency caps.”

With ConvertMedia’s video ad management platform, publishers and advertisers can vastly expand their supply of quality video inventory.

By customizing the user experience alongside revenue optimization using a comprehensive range of outstream desktop and mobile video ad formats, publishers maximize their revenue per user session and advertisers increase viewability, all while keeping the user experience in mind.

“We are delighted to support such a high-profile publisher, and this partnership is an illustration of the business benefits we can bring to prominent media companies like AMI,” concluded Naveh.

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