Thursday June 8th || by Megan Morreale and Gal Salomon

Every day, people spend more and more time on the web. As digital marketing technology changes—we’ve evolved from pop-up advertisements, to display advertising, and now to content discovery—so does the way consumers interact with web content across different device types.

Here at Taboola, we have a front-row seat to this change in internet behavior, as we serve a growing 360 billion content recommendations a year, to over 1 billion people on the web’s top publisher sites.

In the new “Advertiser’s Global Readership Trends Report,” we’ve taken a dive into these reading trends, to show you how to reach your audiences on the web most effectively. We cover trends globally, and also in several countries in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.

This is how marketers should respond to readers on the web.

global readership report

This report represents the factors that influence targeting decisions for both marketers and publishers. We look at three specific metrics:

  • Average session duration illustrates how long the general population spends with a single piece of content on a certain device type.
  • Average pageviews illustrate how long a person is surfing the web, overall, with each device.
  • Spend categories illustrate the types of content that marketers are spending the most budget to promote.

As the world of content gets more saturated, and attention spans get shorter, advertisers should heed trends found in the stats above to ensure they’re serving the right type of content on the right device.

In researching top spend categories, we’ve identified huge opportunities, so you can focus on underspent categories where there is less competition, and therefore, more opportunity.

Click here to download the report.

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Megan Morreale

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