Singles’ Day Marketing Best Practices

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Most businesses are acutely prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, planning marketing campaigns, deals, and product launches to kick off the holiday season well in advance. But what about Singles’ Day?

Many brands have yet to tap into this increasingly popular holiday’s power but that’s changing. In 2019, consumers spent a whopping $38 billion during the 24-hour holiday while the other two biggest international shopping days only brought in $16.8 billion combined.

With numbers like that, brands can’t afford to miss out on this consumer-driven holiday!

Alibaba's gross merchandise volume on Singles' Day from 2011 to 2019

Image source: Statista

What is Singles’ Day?

In 1993, a group of Chinese university students unofficially founded the holiday to celebrate singledom. It occurs every year on November 11th, which is significant as the date reads 11.11, symbolizing singles through the number 1. In 2009, Alibaba decided to co-opt the holiday, transforming it into a shopper’s paradise.

Over the last few years, Singles’ Day, or Double 11 as it’s sometimes called, has begun to permeate the rest of the world. While not all products sold directly have to do with being single, it’s an excellent opportunity for brands to get a head start on their Q4 sales.

Marketing Campaign Best Practices for Singles’ Day

There are several campaign aspects you should keep in mind when crafting your Singles’ Day marketing strategy. To attract the most attention and traffic, you’ll want to consider the details depicted in your images and videos, and the keywords you use in your campaign titles.

Promote Products Consumers Want

Last year, some of the biggest Singles’ Day winners included Estée Lauder, Gap, Levi’s, Nike, The North Face, Nestlé, H&M, Uniqlo, and L’Oréal, each of which grossed more than $143 million.

See the trend? Fashion, beauty, and food brands killed it.

This year will be no different. At Taboola, we’ve seen readership skyrocket in those categories as consumers prepare to shop ’til they drop.

Let’s look at some key pieces of data that will help you develop marketing campaigns that drive clicks.

Singles’ Day Food & Drink Campaigns

The stress-inducing pandemic might have spurred on the increase in traffic for content about wine or cookies, but these are also items consumers stocking up on for the holiday season.

Photos and videos: Use close-up, indoor images

When it comes to food-related campaigns, close up images of someone eating has a 48% higher CTR than a group shot. Food staged in an indoor environment experiences a 41% higher CTR than outdoor dining images.

Interestingly, photos without food have a 19% higher CTR than images with food. However, videos featuring food items see a 27% higher completion rate than those with no food, and videos of people eating boost completion rates by 29%.

Keywords & titles: Use ‘restaurants,’ skip ‘recipes’

When crafting your campaign titles, include the words’ restaurant,’ ‘dinners,’ and ‘everyday’ to drive engagement but skip ‘bread’ and ‘recipes.’

Taboola trends also shows ‘cookie’ and ‘pairings’ as opportunity keywords (those with high CTRs but low volume). Who wouldn’t click on an ad that offers delicious cookie and wine pairings?

Here’s how your ads would look using the right keywords:

Inspiration for food campaigns

In its Instagram campaign, Fruitbouquests used eye-catching imagery and tied the message to the idea of treating oneself.

Singles’ Day Fashion Campaigns

Campaigns about luxury clothing brands have experienced a +117% increase in traffic lately. Without a doubt, people will be adding these types of items to their carts, so let’s look at the data around this vertical.

Photos and videos: Show a woman wearing clothes

Images with a person have a 44% higher CTR than those that only show the clothing item, and pictures with a woman instead of a man see a 38% higher CTR. Other noticeable increases include outdoor photos (+44%) and ones with color (+6%).

You’ll be in luck for video campaigns if your advertising activewear as showing someone stretching in a video increases the completion rate by 42%.

Keywords & titles: Ladies are looking for lingerie

Drive extra engagement by working the words’ bras,’ ‘panty,’ and ‘sets’ into your titles, and you’ll score big if you sell bra and panty sets!

Add those keywords to create campaigns that look like these:

Inspiration for fashion campaigns

Michael Kors’ themed landing page balances products with a fun theme.

This promotion from H&M makes excellent use of the number 11.

Singles’ Day Beauty Campaigns

Beauty brands broke several records during last year’s Singles’ Day. More than 25% of the brands that earned over $150 million were in the beauty category.

Photos and videos: Use close-up, outdoor images

Most women don’t apply their beauty products outside, but outdoor pictures in this vertical see a 36% higher CTR. Photos with women have a 32% higher CTR, and close up shots bring a 27% higher CTR than those taken from a distance. Beauty images with food have a 26% higher CTR than ones that only feature a person.

Videos with a wintery vibe have a 100% higher completion rate than those depicting summer, so use that to your advantage.

Keywords & titles: Use ‘genius,’ skip ‘affordable’

The high CTRs for words, including ‘genius’ and ‘watch,’ suggest that people might be after product review videos featuring fantastic beauty products. Create great video content for your native ad campaigns, and you’ll undoubtedly attract traffic.

Here’s an example of what your Singles’ Day beauty campaign might look like as you move consumers through the marketing funnel:

Inspiration for beauty campaigns

Beauty brands offer discounts and bonus items while promoting the holiday.

Bonus Singles’ Day Marketing Campaign Tips

Before you start creating your marketing campaigns, keep these tricks in mind to help you connect with consumers:

  • Make use of the holiday by incorporating the number 11 in your campaigns like an 11% discount.
  • Consider your ad campaign colors carefully as they have a cultural impact. You’ll notice some of the examples here make great use of the color red because it represents love, happiness, and luck in China.
  • Choose items that reflect self-love.
  • Use data from Taboola Trends to learn more about which images, videos, keywords, and campaign titles deliver the highest CTRs.

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