Affiliate marketing is a valuable strategy for publishers looking to monetize their content and advertisers looking to reach a fixed audience.

The problem is that it can be difficult to drive traffic to affiliate marketing sites. Without quality traffic, publishers and advertisers miss out on a valuable opportunity to generate leads and generate revenue.

That’s where paid traffic comes in. Paid traffic helps affiliate sites get more impressions, which in turn generates more conversions. Paid traffic may also come from a targeted, niche audience, i.e. people who are more likely to be interested in affiliate advertising, unlike free traffic.

That said, it’s important to get paid traffic the right way. Because with the right strategy, you can get more attention to your content and increase your profits even more.

So this time, I will introduce how to use paid traffic for affiliate marketing, including the best sources for acquiring traffic.

Now let’s get down to business.

Can paid advertising be used for affiliate marketing?

The answer is of course “yes”. By purchasing paid traffic, you can increase the performance of your affiliate site and at the same time attract a particularly engaged audience.

Placing paid advertisements in highly strategic places (placements) on the web makes it possible to respond to specific customer segments, which leads to success as an affiliate marketer. For example, if you run an affiliate campaign for a technology company, you’ll be able to target and reach people who are interested in technology-related content and products.

Of course, leveraging paid traffic for affiliate marketing comes at a cost. But when done well, the revenue from affiliate campaigns can far exceed the cost of paid traffic advertising, allowing marketers to generate profit from their efforts.

Apart from this, you should also be aware of some risks and scams. For example, bots can increase clicks and costs without actually generating conversions, ultimately draining a marketer’s budget.

For these reasons, it is extremely important for affiliate marketers to choose the right sources, strategies and tools for their paid traffic campaigns.

How do affiliate marketers get traffic?

There are several platforms available for publishers to generate paid traffic with affiliate marketing. Each platform has its own advantages, tools, and promotion methods that can lead to success.

Specifically, the best traffic sources for affiliate marketing ads include:

  • PPC (Pay per click)
  • Link/Banner Ad
  • social media advertising
  • native advertising

PPC (Pay per click)

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an advertising vehicle that buys advertising space on search results pages. For example, if you’re a fashion brand, target someone searching for “best fall looks” and show your content as one of their top search results, like the ad below: I can.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising example

PPC is very beneficial for affiliate marketers. If you successfully bid for ad space in top search results like the one above, and have his SEO-optimized content to back it up, you could reach millions of targeted customers searching for your product. There is a nature.

However, because advertising space is highly competitive, there is no guarantee that you will win a bid, nor will you be guaranteed a click.

The most prominent PPC advertising platform is Google Ads, which offers businesses the opportunity to advertise on the search giant’s network. Advertisers must ensure that they adhere to Google’s standards for search keyword relevance, landing page quality, and most importantly, engaging content.

Link/Banner Ad

Link banner ads are display ads that can appear on web pages in a variety of shapes, sizes and positions.

For example, publishers can place banner ads at the top of articles or on the homepage sidebar. When readers click on these banner ads, they are redirected to a product page or landing page with more information about the advertised product or service.

banner ads example

Link banner ads are a great way to get impressions and reach an audience of regular readers on publisher sites.



ソーシャル・メディア広告は、Facebook、Instagram、Twitter といったソーシャル・プラットフォーム上の有料プレースメントです。企業は各プラットフォームの広告ネットワークを通じて、これらのプレースメントを購入できます。

たとえば Instagram では、インフィードの画像、動画、およびカルーセル広告、さらには Instagram ストーリーズ広告が提供されています。これらの広告の一部にはコール・トゥ・アクション(CTA)ボタンや「購入」ボタンまで用意されており、ユーザーがそれぞれのアプリやサイトから商品を直接購入できるようになっています。

Instagram ads example

企業はソーシャル・メディアに広告を掲載することで、消費者が友人や家族、その他のブランドの発信コンテンツを通じてすでに関わりを持っている領域や、新商品に興味を持っている領域でリーチを獲得できます。実際、インターネット・ユーザーの約 50% が、ソーシャル・ネットワークを通じてオンラインで商品を探しています。





native advertising Taboola feed example

実際のところ、アフィリエイト・マーケターが Taboola を選ぶ理由はここにあります。

世界最大のコンテンツ・ディスカバリー・ネットワークである弊社のプラットフォームは、14 億人以上のインターネット・ユーザーへの大規模なグローバル・リーチと、2万2,000 以上の信頼できるサイトのオーディエンスに向けた高度なターゲティング機能を提供しています。

Taboola CTA button example

特に、栄養、ヘルスケア、e コマース、保険、再生可能エネルギーといった業界のアフィリエイトは、Taboola とともに顕著な成功を収めています。弊社のツールは、新たな領域のオーディエンスにリーチし、有料トラフィックを自社のアフィリエイト・サイトに誘導したいと望む、すべてのマーケターのビジネス成果を牽引してきました。



If publishers aspire to get the most out of their affiliate campaigns, they should invest in paid traffic through sources such as PPC, link banner ads, social media ads and native ads. By doing so, you can more effectively raise awareness, reach your target audience, and generate conversions.

It’s also important to be aware of the pitfalls of buying affiliate marketing traffic. With the right tools, you can avoid fraud and fraud without draining your budget and reach only the most relevant, high-quality audiences.

This is exactly what Taboola does as the world’s leading discovery and native advertising platform.

We assist our clients with advertising on various premium publisher websites. This allows our clients to properly reach people who are looking for something new, resulting in increased affiliate traffic and revenue.