Have you ever considered buying web traffic?

Getting enough traffic to your site can sometimes be a challenge for website owners. Especially if you just launched your site. In the long run he could do with SEO and content marketing, but buying traffic is an option if you need a quick launch.

So what exactly does it mean to buy web traffic?

Paid traffic, as the name suggests, means investing in traffic to your website. There are many ways to do this, but common ways to buy web traffic include content discovery campaigns, display advertising, and pay-per-click campaigns.

Whether or not you should buy traffic for your site can be tricky, but the truth is that there are some potential pitfalls as well as benefits. This time we will also show you how to avoid it.

Buying targeted web traffic is the perfect way to quickly gain awareness for your business and site online. It also allows you to reach your target audience directly, which improves conversions thanks to fine-grained targeting. And increased conversions lead to more leads and more sales. However, it’s important not to buy the wrong kind of traffic or the wrong way to buy traffic.

In this article, we’ll show you when it makes sense to buy web traffic, how to do it, and the top pitfalls to avoid.

Specific flow of traffic purchase

Ready to buy web traffic to supplement your organic traffic? Here are the steps you should take before and after launching a paid traffic campaign.

  • know your audience
  • Choose the right channel
  • Pre-target
  • create a landing page
  • track the performance

know your audience

First and foremost is targeting your audience. Knowing who you’re trying to reach and how best to connect is paramount.

So take some time to understand your audience before buying targeted web traffic. In return, you’ll get higher click-through rates (CTR) and get more traffic from your paid traffic campaigns. To do this, you need to know the following information:

  • Demographic information (age, gender, place of residence, educational background, etc.)
  • A group with interests and affinities
  • attitude/behavior

Platforms like Taboola allow you to collect audience information and segment your audience. This allows you to run your paid traffic campaigns more effectively, reducing costs while increasing your ROI.

Choose the right channel

Channel selection is extremely important when buying web traffic. This is because the channel you choose can affect the effectiveness of your campaign.

In order to properly target your campaigns, it’s important to know which online marketing channels your company is already working on, such as certain social channels.

Check the traffic sources report for web analytics data to get this information. Sources that are already sending traffic to your site are a good starting point for paid traffic campaigns, as they ensure that you reach interested people and avoid wasting your investment.


Before launching your paid traffic campaign, consider the marketing goals you want to achieve. This goal is usually broadly divided into his three stages:

1.  Awareness  : Get your business or brand known

2.  Consideration  : Get people to consider your business as a way to solve a problem for your audience

3.  Decision  : Get Sales

These goals are broken down into more specific goals, such as how many new visitors, leads, or sales you want to generate by buying web traffic. Setting specific goals will help you track your campaign’s performance and make the most of your campaign budget.

create a landing page

The key to buying web traffic is to make it easier for the traffic that reaches your website to lead to desired actions and even conversions. Therefore, you need a landing page to which your paid traffic will go.

Landing pages are tailored to a campaign, have content specific to that campaign, have minimal navigation and a single call to action (CTA). This page is highly targeted and can increase conversions while reducing campaign costs. This means you will pay less to buy web traffic than you would without a landing page.

track the performance

Launching a campaign and buying targeted web traffic is just the beginning of the process.


キャンペーンを最適化するプロセスには、サイトに誘導したトラフィックの獲得状況、振る舞い、およびコンバージョンを確認することが含まれます。これらが先に設定した目標にどの程度寄与しているかにもよりますが、場合によっては有料トラフィック・キャンペーンからより良い結果が得られるよう、Call To Action(CTA)、またはチャネルを微調整する必要があります。







よくある詐欺の 1 つにクリック詐欺があり、これはクリック数を人為的に膨れ上がらせる手法です。安く購入したウェブ・トラフィックが一転して非常に高くつく場合があるため、注意が必要です。クリック詐欺に遭うと、質の悪いトラフィックにかえって多くの費用を費やすことになります。また、広告プラットフォームからペナルティを受け、将来的に有料トラフィック・キャンペーンを実施することが難しくなる可能性もあります。こうした理由から、有料トラフィックは常に信頼できるソースから購入すべきです。


ほとんどのウェブサイトやプラットフォームには、有料トラフィックに関して遵守すべき倫理的ポリシーが規定されています。たとえば、AdSense のポリシーでは、パブリッシャーが人為的にインプレッションやクリック数を増やしたり、広告のクリックや閲覧を人に要求したりすることが禁止されています。




結局のところ、有料トラフィックを購入することは良いアイデアなのでしょうか ? 答えはもちろん「イエス」ですが、「ただし」がつきます。


However, when buying traffic, it’s important to avoid the pitfalls mentioned above, properly prepare your campaigns, and work with trusted sources to ensure success.

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