Flare Audio Sells Thousands of Headphones in Less than a Year with Taboola

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Flare Audio aims to minimize all types of distortion from its audio headphone designs. Founded by British inventor Davies Roberts, Flare Audio has spent the last seven years re-inventing the loudspeaker and headphones, drawing praise from music industry luminaries including Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley, Bella Sarris and producer ‘Flood’ in the process.

Based on its founder’s experience in the live music industry, the company discovered what was going wrong with the traditional approach used to create loudspeakers and headphones. With that understanding, they developed patent-pending technology to create pure audio in any sound-producing device.

“The reason that people like Flare Audio headphones, is because they produce the mirror image of the sound being laid down by the electronics” says Davies.

It wasn’t easy to achieve, and once production of the headphones was complete, Flare Audio needed to find new ways to get the product to market—with Taboola, they sold thousands of sets in less than a year, since they launched their revolutionary headphones.

Taboola optimization lowers CPA by 79%

Taboola is a successful distribution channel for Flare Audio in part because of the discovery platform’s reach and the control Flare has over that reach.

Flare Audio was able to fine-tune its bidding process to optimize for conversions. Taboola’s Bid-by-Site feature allows them to tailor their bid to publishers that work for them, ultimately selling thousands of headphones in less than a year while decreasing CPA by 79% in the first month.

“All artists deserve to be heard in the way that they want to be heard—and that’s what we do here at Flare Audio,” says Davies Roberts, founder of Flare Audio. “Once our headphones were built, we needed to promote them, and

Taboola gave us the ability to scale easily, quickly, and with a return on ad spend that suited our goals.”

Flare Audio is continuing to work with Taboola and looks forward to expanding the partnership in the future.

Campaign drives conversions from the world’s best publisher sites.

The task for the audio innovator was to promote their new headphone product, increase awareness and sales at scale, and hit CPA goals.

They partnered with Taboola to reach people on the world’s best websites and connect with them on an emotional level. Audiophiles needed to think “that’s the solution to my needs,” when they saw Flare Audio content said Roberts—then visit the landing page, and make a purchase.

Flare Audio was impressed with the reasonable cost and huge number of impressions they saw from Taboola. They leveraged multiple targeting tactics, including retargeting, geotargeting, and more to reach their goals.


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