Here’s How Talentedge Achieved Significant Registrations for Their Online Courses

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Digital education is a booming industry. More and more students and professionals want the flexibility that comes with at home or on-the-go learning. Online education and the companies behind them help people get access to world-class learning experiences when traditional education is not their first option.

For global education in India—Talentedge is taking the lead. A live and interactive digital platform with corporate offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bangalore, they offer 50 courses from 20 premier organizations worldwide, and their success comes as the education market grows.

India is now the second largest market for education in the world, an opportunity for Talentedge, whose goal is to enable people to take better advantages of online resources.

Even though the market is large, Talentedge found some targeting challenges along their journey. They needed to find the perfect students to register for each of their high-quality course offerings every time they ran a promotional campaign.

Success didn’t come easy—at first, they faced an ad technology diversity challenge. Talentedge needed to present the benefits and differences between each course to reach various target audiences—and then they found content discovery.

10% or more registrations for each course comes from content discovery.

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Talentedge started using Taboola to drive traffic to content about courses, careers, and industry certifications. This has helped them find a new audience—and now, users are spending more quality time on the site, and converting at a lower cost per lead (CPL).

Most importantly, Talentedge now sees 10 percent to 15 percent of registrations for each course from Taboola. Taboola’s performance for Talentedge has been equal to that of Google, but with a 30 percent reduction in costs to them.

The acquisition costs themselves were lower than revenue, and Talentedge knew they had found a stable and scalable solution to drive more registrations.

ROI went up, while acquisition costs when down.

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Talentedge approached their search for various channels to promote their campaigns the smart way—through return on investment (ROI) testing.

ROI testing for each of their verticals was necessary, as Talentedge’s offerings are so diverse. They offer classes in human resources (HR), finance, entrepreneurship, analytics, strategy and leadership, business management, and brand sales and marketing.

They exhausted their possibilities for traditional channels like PPC and snail-mail in the past, and they wanted to try something different. When they tried Taboola, they hit the perfect formula—they were able to support top of the funnel leads, while also achieving their target ROI.

Taboola is the world’s leading content discovery platform, serving 360B recommendations to over 1B unique visitors each month on the web’s most innovative publisher sites. To learn more about how Taboola can help you, contact us or start your campaign today.

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