Taboola Case Study: Scroll Achieves 30% More Pages-Per-Visit With Discovery

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Digital-first publishers may be more nimble than their traditional counterparts, but building a loyal readership from scratch can be especially difficult given the level of online competition for user attention. While social media networks have had a “flattening” effect, allowing new sites with compelling content to quickly go “viral” and reach massive new audiences, even those platforms are becoming increasingly cluttered, and many publishers are beginning to question the value of social-referred audiences.

This is a challenged faced by publishers around the world, including independent digital media company Scroll, whose online destination has become one of the fastest-growing news sites in India. Looking to diversify its audience development efforts, Scroll teamed up with Taboola to target engaged audiences on top sites across the web, and ultimately grow their overall readership.

We published a case study that features some of the key highlights from this partnership, including data around how Taboola-referred visitors expressed 35 percent lower bounce rates, and consumed 30 percent more pages-per-visit, than any other competing traffic source. These figures are in line with data from Taboola’s network, which have found that discovery regularly drives more engaged visitors than those from search or social channels.

For more information, check out the full write-up — along with our other case studies, data sheets, webinars, videos, and ebooks — on the Taboola resources page.

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