Subscription Retailer, Cornerstone, Scales Memberships 2,100%

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The subscription-based service Cornerstone is trying to make shaving less complicated—they bring high-quality shaving materials to the masses at a reasonable price, with ease.

As the startup was getting their footing in the shaving market, they raised a round of funds. Afterward, the goal was simple but challenging; grow really, really fast.

To reach the scale they were aiming for, they needed a high-quality audience. They needed to reach massive amounts of web traffic that would include people who would actually want to buy from them, not just visit their web pages and bounce.

They started shopping around for ways to distribute their story, and they found Taboola. Soon thereafter, membership skyrocketed as we helped support a membership growth of over 2,100 percent. Not only did we help audiences come through the door, but we helped them convert to loyal members.

The secret to their success was the audience—the right audience. Here is exactly how they targeted the right people, at the right time, right when they were open to discovering something new.

Our web traffic brought subscribers through the door and converted.

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Cornerstone prides themselves on simplicity—they want to return to thoughtful razor design and quality ingredients for men.

They were looking for this same type of quality in their web traffic, in a channel that would help them hit their target cost per acquisition (CPA). To do that, they needed a lot of web traffic, but also really well-targeted web traffic—it can be quite hard to find both quality and quantity.

They found their traffic sweet spot with Taboola. When Cornerstone originally started focusing on rapidly expanding membership, they attained about 5,000 members. After expanding their channel strategy to work with Taboola, they reached about 110,000 members—a 2,100% increase.

Cornerstone found customers that stayed, increasing retention rate by 30%.

cornerstone taboola

The razor service does utilize other channels, such as social ads, podcast ads and native ads, to name a few. When they shifted focus to audience quality—they started tracking metrics including average order value and customer retention rate. This is where their experience with discovery campaigns on Taboola really shined.

After consulting with our Creative Strategy Team, they adjusted creatives for better performance based on our team’s recommendations. When this happened, the high volume of traffic we were providing got even more targeted, and reached even more people that wanted to become members and stay members—this increased their customer retention rate by 30%.

They’re looking to expand campaigns with Taboola, including their recent launch into video, to maintain the strong brand they’ve built, continue driving members, and to find the right people that want to stay.

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