Taboola Drives 100% Higher Conversion Rates Than Search and Social For Online Autos Marketplace

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The buying and selling of “used” cars have traditionally been informal markets, occurring across local car dealerships, classified ads, word-of-mouth, and other ad-hoc channels. Recognizing an opportunity to transform this space, a leading car importer recently launched a new online marketplace that aims to facilitate the buying and selling of second-hand vehicles.

Like any company with an innovative new idea, the online autos marketplace faced the initial challenge of educating audiences about their offering, an effort that failed to surface any results through search and offline advertising channels.

The autos marketplace was able to craft a multifaceted user acquisition strategy.

After partnering with Taboola, the company was able to craft a multi-faceted user acquisition strategy that effectively spread the word about its new marketplace and ultimately enrolled new buyers and sellers.

First, our two teams worked together on promoting educational content about the company to relevant and highly-engaged audiences, using Taboola’s personalized recommendations on top sites across the web. Taboola users spent 40 percent more time-on-site than search and social-referred users, engaging with both the company’s on-site educational content, as well as earned media about the innovative marketplace.

The next wave of campaigns leveraged Taboola’s external retargeting capabilities to re-engage users with focused landing pages, based on contextual cues (such as browsing history) that hinted at whether a particular user was more likely to become a “buyer” or “seller.” Interested buyers were encouraged to explore the marketplace, while potential sellers were directed towards blog content that touted the benefits of peer-to-peer platforms.

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Our teams published a case study about the collaboration, which found that Taboola-referred users generated 100 percent higher conversion rates than related search and Facebook campaigns. Additionally, 60 percent of new leads were generated on mobile devices, a platform that generally tests even the best marketing strategies.

Check out the full write up for more details around the partnership, and visit the Taboola resources page to browse our other case studies, data sheets, webinars, videos, and ebooks.

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