Boxed Turns Media Coverage into Sales with Taboola

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Millennials don’t always have the timeor the trunk spaceto shop for bargains in bulk. The same goes for many rural Americans, who don’t want to drive for hours just to stock up on essentials at the big-box stores.

That’s why there’s Boxedan online ecommerce site and app providing the products people love in bulk and delivering them straight to their doors.

Boxed has four fulfillment centers across the country to allow for delivery anywhere in the continental U.S. in two business days or less; and most orders ship free. There are no membership fees, they offer free samples, and  they provide a seamless app experience that keeps customers coming back for morein bulk.

Boxed has also earned a reputation for social good and remarkable employee perks. CEO Chieh Huang personally pays college tuition for his employees’ children, for example.

When the company’s business model and employee benefits were featured on the Today Show not long ago, the video spot provided a great opportunity to build brand awareness and affinity, and Taboola provided the ideal distribution channel.

How Boxed used earned media for performance marketing.

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Boxed’ acquisition goals are always performance-based, and that includes distribution of media coverage. They’re looking for channels that will bring in new, high-quality customers who will be loyal in the long term. Taboola’s predictive targeting makes that happen – putting Boxed content in front of the consumers who are most likely to respond.

“When we were covered on the ‘Today’ Show for recent activities for social good, we wanted to circulate it and turned to Taboola, which brought very high quality prospects.

With pixel-based tracking, we saw a lift in people taking action on site—people saw the clip, typed our website into the search bar and signed up. Some even made purchases!”

– Emily Kalen, Senior Manager of Media Strategy at Boxed

So, Boxed ran a video campaign featuring its Today Show coverage on the Taboola discovery platform in 2017. Thanks to continual optimization, Boxed saw more than 5,000 actions over the course of their campaign, including nearly 1500 sales.

They also achieved a 3.18% lift in conversion rate, demonstrating not only Taboola’s reach, but also its power to generate high-quality, high-intent customer leads.

Boxed is looking to expand their relationship with Taboola and experiment with larger campaigns as well as Taboola video in the near future.

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