Within the walls of a workplace, it’s common to simply punch the clock day in and day out.

Arrive at the office, get work done, head home, rinse, repeat.

Within the walls of Taboola, however, things look a little bit different. Passions and hobbies create connections and bonds, and it’s not uncommon to find a whole group of Taboolars laughing and talking over food and drinks in the office kitchen, building new Taboola traditions as they go.

Uniting Taboola’s Board Game Enthusiasts


Einat Lerner, a Talent Acquisition Manager in Taboola’s Tel Aviv office, is part of a new (but already promising) Taboola tradition known as TaboolaCon.

“It all started not long after my first day here, when a colleague of mine and I were talking about our mutual love of board games.” says Lerner.

“I soon, in true Taboola fashion, discovered that there was actually quite a large group of other employees who felt that same way, and it didn’t take long for our very first TaboolaCon to kick off.

Immediately it was clear that TaboolaCon was here to stay, and it became a monthly event looked forward to by the best game players at Taboola, along with their friends and family. Basically, anyone who wants to take on the werewolves, buy a settlement, or attempt to figure out the next code name is welcome, and the group keeps on growing.”

Aside from TaboolaCon being fun, one of the greatest aspects of all is the way it brings people together.

For Einat in particular, being a part of Taboola’s Talent team, the melding together of employees across all teams, backgrounds, and functions makes this monthly game gathering that much more special.

“We’re about to celebrate the one year anniversary of TaboolaCon, and it’s amazing to see the way it brings people of all backgrounds, job titles, tech stacks, and more around kitchen tables, enjoying what is now becoming a very impressive board game collection, and just having a good time with one another.”

More Ways for Taboolars to Come Together

The repeat members of TaboolaCon, needless to say, feel passionate about board games. But, with 1700 global employees and growing, there are countless other shared passions and hobbies being discovered among the team every day.


At Taboola, no matter what you’re interested in, if there’s a group with that same interest, it’s supported and fostered right within Taboola walls. To nurture a group of musicians of all levels? A music room.

To give a creative outlet to those who love snapping pictures (on a camera or just for the ‘gram)? A photography course. For those who practically hear “B9!” in their sleep? Bingo gatherings.

The list is as endless as the creative, interesting passions of the Taboola employees who make up the diverse quilt of the company. Simply put, Taboolars are excited to bond with one another over unique shared interests, and Taboola never wants that to change.

“Much like the end-to-end approach of Taboola itself, any employee here can come up with an idea and turn it into reality. When we share a passion, a hobby or even a general interest in something, Taboola always encourages us to explore it,” says Lerner.

“And, if there are enough people that share that same interest, Taboola will even sponsor it and help build it into something tangible. It’s in Taboola’s DNA that every initiative, whether professional or personal, becomes a part of what we do every day.

It’s what makes this company and this amazing group of people work hard, have fun, and always keep moving forward.”


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