In 2022, the world went from worrying about one huge problem — Covid — to worrying about a smaller Covid problem in addition to a host of other issues, including other viruses and inflation. But unlike in 2020 and 2021, at least most of us were allowed to fully engage in the fun things in life again, from international sporting events to world travel.

We wish we could say that Covid disappeared from the most-read news worldwide in 2022. Instead, it lingered as most countries shifted to a “live with it” approach, and was joined in the headlines by mpox, influenza and RSV.

On the flip side, a much nicer contagion was endemic: World Cup Fever. Known in most of the world as football, soccer dominated the sports narrative in nearly every country, and even managed to catch the attention of Americans.

These are just some of the thousands of stories our news, entertainment, sports, health and fitness, technology, business, and finance publishers created in 2022 (so far) to inform, fascinate, and sometimes alarm readers. Which stories riveted audiences the most? It’s all in the pageviews. Our 2022 publisher data and insights reveal which topics, trends, and incidents mattered most to the public, all over the world.

Country by country, walk through the top stories of 2022. Any surprises? Let us know what you think!

The United States

Source: Rebecca Blackwell/AP Photo

General News

After some pretty rough years, it’s no surprise that Americans are ready to have fun and maybe even hope for a better tomorrow. So while the presidential election was the most viewed news story in 2021, this year it was the Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries. You may remember that Powerball created its first billionaire in 2022.

While the grim topic of Covid remained in the Top 10 news stories, it was flanked by something more fun: celebrity news. Kim Kardashian and TV host Nick Cannon drew a lot of views. Of course, not all celebrity news is good news: Readers were saddened to learn of rapper Aaron Carter’s death, and appalled at Kanye West’s behavior.

Top General News Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Powerball & Mega Millions 1,101,833,100
CNN 1,035,424,850
Kim Kardashian 682,872,600
Nick Cannon & Pregnancy 536,180,650
Aaron Carter 520,353,600
COVID 165,914,100
Kanye West & Adidas 93,384,850
Trump 77,465,550
Local News 53,627,550
News 49,643,650


When you think of the entertainment industry, you may think of higher-budget productions first, but it turns out that soap operas have a strong hold on the web-browsing public. So much so that General Hospital was the No. 3 search term in this area. The Young and the Restless also made the Top 10.

Top Entertainment Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Movies & TV 10,795,744,300
Death 4,255,187,100
General Hospital 3,888,131,650
Disney 3,338,620,000
Tattoo 3,298,323,950
Big Brother 2,597,438,950
Black Panther 1,671,597,000
The Young and the Restless & The Beautiful 935,266,100
Venice Film Festival 912,816,600
Kim Kardashian & Birthday 761,409,450


In the financial world, “Biden & Forgiveness” drew a lot of interest, due to the president’s plan to forgive student loans. “Inflation,” of course, was also a hot topic, since year-over-year price increases topped 9% over the summer.

Top Finance Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Investing 5,403,262,400
Stocks 3,702,456,950
Personal Finance 1,835,906,500
Biden & Forgiveness 1,384,530,050
Inflation 1,358,102,750
Social Security 756,738,400
Bitcoin & Ethereum 566,914,400
Mortgage & Housing 161,971,500


Combine one of the richest people on earth with an unwelcome corporate takeover and the perennial hot topic of social media, and you have a story that’s going to keep everyone riveted. “Twitter & Elon Musk” easily drew more interest than any other business story this year — although “inflation” came close.

Top Business Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Twitter & Elon Musk 2,338,261,050
Inflation 2,285,746,400
Apple Watch 1,758,522,500
Amazon 892,505,100
Work & Jobs 617,327,450
Apple 235,557,300
Business 143,513,000
IPhone 75,508,600
Jobs & Job Fairs 69,759,800
Jobs & Manufacturing 51,180,000


It’s always interesting to see which individual athletes’ names reach the Top 10 in pageviews, among broader terms such as “football” and “basketball.” Right there at No. 3 sits the top sports story of the year, in pageviews: Aaron Judge, who signed a $360 million deal to return to the New York Yankees. Other top-of-mind athletes in 2022: Serena Williams, who was lauded as one of the greatest athletes of all time in her final professional tennis matches, and Tom Brady, who dropped a divorce bombshell.

Top Sports Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Football 29,547,221,950
Basketball 14,683,706,150
Aaron Judge 7,367,135,200
Auto Racing & NASCAR 4,339,484,200
LIV Golf & PGA Tour 2,416,435,150
Chelsea & World Cup 2,039,311,500
Soccer 1,575,263,750
Serena Williams 1,424,942,250
Tom Brady & Divorce 1,332,385,350
College Basketball 806,024,800

Health & Fitness

Sadly, there are many good reasons that “disease” topped health and fitness pageviews in the US this year: viruses. Not just Covid but influenza and RSV brought hospitals to 2020 crisis levels. Monkeypox — now known as mpox — grabbed attention too, but fortunately US cases declined in the second half of the year.

Top Health & Fitness Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Disease 6,321,302,200
Covid & Vaccine 5,228,288,550
Mental Health 1,228,386,350
Outbreak & Recall 849,796,400
Monkeypox & Vaccine 327,902,000
Hair 122,247,500
Daylight Savings Time 104,276,600

The United Kingdom

Source: Metin Aktas/Getty Images

General News

It was a tumultuous year in Europe, with headlines from the war in Ukraine grabbing much of UK readers’ attention. Domestically, there was plenty to read about as well, with Liz Truss replacing Boris Johnson as prime minister, only to resign 44 days later and be replaced by former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak.

Top General News Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Crime 11,181,203,050
Unrest & War 8,595,895,600
Ukraine & Putin & Russia 8,260,004,900
Boris Johnson & Liz Truss 7,964,210,500
Police 9,865,040,650
Rishi Sunak 4,796,440,850
Trump & Biden 2,284,816,400
Welfare 2,146,219,700
Covid 2,052,624,700
Scam & Martin Lewis 1,873,980,800


England’s royals grab the attention of the whole world, and nowhere more so than at home. Prince William and Princess Kate get headlines and eyeballs daily with their busy schedules. California residents Harry and Meghan’s visit for their grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee generated plenty of interest as well. Popular reality shows I’m A Celebrity and Love Island also secured their spot in the top 10 topics, alongside long-running soaps Eastenders and Coronation Street.

Top Entertainment Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
William & Kate 12,550,025,200
I’m a Celebrity 7,566,921,150
Eastenders & Coronation Street 5,563,885,200
Movies & TV 3,719,062,450
Love Island 3,223,292,050
Jubilee & Harry & Meghan Markle 3,129,793,900
Kim Kardashian 3,052,067,550
Platinum Jubilee 2,485,333,250
James Bond 2,429,871,450
Festival 2,381,262,550


The cost of living crisis and high rates of inflation were apparent in online readership habits in the United Kingdom this year. The specific subjects with the most pageviews were pension, benefits and Universal Credit payments from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Benefits payments are set to increase by 10% in April, and the DWP is making some additional cost of living payments over the winter to those eligible. Popular articles labeled “personal finance” also largely centered on Universal Credit.

Top Finance Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
DWP Payment & Pension 3,454,752,050
Personal Finance 1,837,949,950
Universal Credit Payment 1,745,475,000
Mortgage 1,628,704,700
Bank of England 357,004,750
Energy & British Gas & Martin Lewis 352,794,150
Savings Account 351,079,200
Mortgage & Martin Lewis 275,380,850
FTSE 100 159,228,450
Bitcoin 114,039,050


Elon Musk’s contentious takeover of Twitter captivated attention the world over, and the UK was no exception. Coverage of the drama outperformed all other tech topics here — although Apple and Samsung, the top two phone makers, also received plenty of attention.

Top Technology Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Twitter & Musk 1,515,143,950
Apple & Samsung 1,382,772,400
Apple 1,123,503,600
Headphones & Amazon & Sony 486,004,300
Scam & Whatsapp 375,251,750
Playstation & Sony 135,151,800
Modern Warfare 106,875,700
PS5 & PS4 & Playstation 82,497,600


Football (soccer) is always a hot topic in the UK, but even more so this year.. Topics related to the sport take up the top three slots as the most popular sports stories of the year. And with England winning the UEFA European Women’s Championship, then competing in the World Cup, it’s no wonder.

Top Sports Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Football (Soccer) 38,487,768,500
Chelsea & Manchester United 33,237,068,900
Nottingham Forest 3,989,228,850
Nick Kyrgios & Novak Djokovic 2,817,656,500
UFC & Jake Paul 2,455,738,700
Qatar 2,437,512,450
Isle of Man TT 1,756,718,850
Hull FC 1,535,747,500
LIV Golf & Golf Open & PGA Tour 1,275,334,650
Cricket 1,083,900,650

Health & Fitness

Following the trend seen in other geographic areas, “disease” was the No. 1 topic in the UK, with popular coverage mostly focusing on Covid — which on its own charted as the third most read-about topic. In between the No. 1 and No. 3 spots was “cancer,” but even this coverage was Covid adjacent, with a lot of articles focusing on how symptoms of long Covid and cancer can be confused.

Top Health & Fitness Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Disease 6,180,595,450
Cancer 4,307,823,700
Covid 1,974,004,700
Weight Loss 1,493,928,400
Sleep 866,074,250
Mental Health & Love Island 697,118,600
Smoking 312,690,450


Source: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

General News

Many Mexicans read stories about the death of former president Luis Echeverría at age 100. As Mexico’s leader from 1970 to 1976, Echeverría was blamed for a student massacre, although he was never tried.

Top General News Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Local News 60,993,950
National News 34,455,650
Luis Echeverría 19,135,200
Wounded 13,370,750
Tourist 12,877,900
Mérida 8,559,850
Oaxaca 6,731,400
Mexico City 6,649,300
Cutzamala 5,276,950
Fire 2,927,850


The celebrities who garnered the most pageviews in Mexico’s entertainment news this year paint a picture of a very international society. First up is Shakira, the Colombian singer who has brought Latin music to an international fan base. Johnny Depp, of course, is American. Then there’s Andrés García, the Dominican-born Mexican actor. In fact, the only Mexican-born celebrity to receive this level of views is model/influencer Karely Ruiz.

Top Entertainment Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Celebrity Fans 5,335,515,550
Movies & Television 1,253,945,500
Shows & Events 1,001,178,750
Movies 939,136,200
Shakira 895,332,650
Karely Ruiz 602,860,700
Johnny Depp 370,623,450
Andrés García 304,591,550
TV Azteca 246,781,900
MasterChef 238,672,100


As in most if not all countries, the price of oil loomed large in the Mexican public’s mind this year. One sign of that is the high ranking of “Pemex,” the state-owned petroleum company.

Top Finance Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute) 339,657,700
Investing 275,097,650
USA 273,813,450
Pemex 263,772,150
Financial News 188,030,800
Dollar 154,470,050
Fed 118,896,750
Scholarships 63,054,550
Credit 13,370,700
Bitcoin 11,325,500


Just as the United States has Black Friday, Mexico has a major shopping event in November, “El Buen Fin.” Stories about hot deals happening then were among the most popular business stories of the year. Another attention-grabbing topic was the strike at communications company Telmex.

Top Business Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
USA 319,850,300
Buen Fin 2022 220,546,300
Twitter 183,619,500
Advertising & Marketing 172,336,050
Telmex 90,596,400
Employment 36,750,850
China 33,233,500
Trolebús 20,047,550
Tickets 12,410,150
Young People Building Future 2,758,480


Football (soccer) dominates sports fans’ hearts in Mexico. So of course “football” tops the charts when it comes to online views. The second most-popular topic, “Real Madrid,” is one of the top football clubs internationally. Both topics got a boost this year from the World Cup, as viewers obsessed over which players from Real Madrid and other teams would play for which country in the international competition.

We’d also like to call out Mexican Formula 1 driver Sergio Perez of team Red Bull. He may have won third place in this year’s Formula 1 World Championship, but he placed fourth in Mexico’s Top Sports Topics.

Top Sports Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Football (Soccer) 3,447,847,350
Real Madrid 2,587,588,200
Liga MX 860,259,150
Checo Peréz 374,511,950
Canelo Álvarez 188,526,350
NBA 171,207,200
Tour de France 2022 115,940,250
Nadal 74,804,000
Athletics 40,546,150
Golf 5,916,050

Health & Fitness

As in the United States, viruses weighed heavily on the minds of Mexican internet users, with the Spanish word for “illness” the most popular, and “Covid” right behind it. Popular terms such as “vaccination” and “National Autonomous University of Mexico” (which issues recommendations on disease prevention) also show the prevalence of concern over mpox, Covid, and other viruses.

Top Health & Fitness Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Illness 594,604,300
Covid 341,477,900
Vaccination 190,276,300
Stress 55,324,850
Personality Test 28,785,650
Weight 22,420,450
Best 11,702,100
National Autonomous University of Mexico 7,525,250


Source: Angel Garcia/Bloomberg

General News

Several of the top stories that drew Spaniards online this year had one thing in common: heat. The Spanish term for “heatstroke” was the topic specific topic, probably due to the tragic heat-related deaths of more than 2,000 in Spain and Portugal over the summer. Another high ranker: “firefighters,” as wildfires raged and forest fire crews agitated for their rights.

Top General News Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Local News 295,990,000
Heatstroke 96,547,400
National News 56,741,500
Firefighters 86,094,550
Ivana Trump 47,501,150
Science Fiction & Amazon & Streaming 28,573,850
Arrabal & Emma & Viva Vida 18,805,000


Spain loves those foreign celebrities and franchises, with Marvel, Amber Heard, and Queen Elizabeth II of England stealing much of the nation’s online views in the entertainment realm. But Spaniards also spared time for homegrown celebrities, paying ample attention to their own Queen Letizia, actress Ana Milán, and model Laura Escanes (who got divorced).

Top Entertainment Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Celebrity Fans & Gossip 17,178,494,050
Movies & Television 3,833,497,900
Shows & Events 2,275,111,100
Marvel 1,663,579,650
Amber Heard & Hija & Trial 1,575,682,600
Isabel II & Queen Letizia 971,845,950
Bikini & Ana & Hija 964,619,750
Feria & Festival 809,787,400
Laura & Divorce 798,052,500


Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, made plenty of news in the financial sector this year, drawing top pageviews when he successfully levied a windfall tax on energy firms and banks, and extended relief plans to cushion citizens from inflation. All four of the most-viewed topics in finance appear to be related to these moves.

Top Finance Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
CaixaBank & Sánchez 1,262,311,600
Grants & Scholarships & Financial Aid 842,521,750
Pensions & Sánchez 494,854,250
Personal Finance 221,190,650
Europe & Crisis & Ukraine 220,927,500
Government & Town Hall 153,979,600
Dollar & Price 117,734,450


Although it comes in the form of several phrases, one business topic dominated Spaniards’ attention: energy prices. Content linking the rising prices of diesel, petroleum, and electricity to the war between Russia and Ukraine got a lot of pageviews.

Top Business Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Business News 512,624,700
Mercadona 420,330,750
Government 400,525,500
Electricity Prices 263,611,950
Ukraine Prices 247,410,550
Russia Gas 137,299,550
Madrid 88,638,750
Construction 83,363,450
Madrid. Venta 76,640,400
Granada 65,360,550


Real Madrid is the apple of the football (soccer) world’s eye, so of course the team is one of the most popular online topics for internet users in its home country. Spain’s obsession with football, in fact, drove some 18 billion pageviews in 2022, easily topping all the other sporting topics we tabulated.

Top Sports Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Football (Soccer) 11,585,748,700
Real Madrid 6,665,231,600
Car Racing 4,766,684,750
Rafael Nadal 1,020,091,150
Eurobasket 689,667,450

Health & Fitness

As with internet users in many other countries, Spaniards went online to learn how to prevent mpox, and how to get vaccinated against Covid and mpox.

Top Health & Fitness Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Illness 1,692,978,350
Cancer 1,334,261,400
Covid 991,436,150
Sugar 168,164,250
Exercise 111,958,350
Breastfeeding 21,978,200
Newborns 5,773,250


Source: Michael Sohn | Afp | Getty Images

General News

In 2022, French internet users read a lot about the local effects of two major challenges facing the world: Covid and climate change. The Covid virus was the top specific interest topic, while climate change contributed to the wildfires in the South of France, another top pageview-getter.

Another story that will sound familiar to readers the world over: a shortage of fuel, including gasoline for cars and heating fuel for swimming pools. Some pools in France even had to close because rising fuel prices made them too expensive to heat.

Top General News Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Local News 9,438,967,550
Covid 3,705,653,250
Toulouse & Fires 2,698,188,450
Gas Shortage & Cars 860,638,300
Emmanuel Macron 776,002,650
Agriculture 588,838,000
Weddings 467,896,000
Twitter & Musk 289,513,150
Swimming Pool 191,848,700


Only in France would “books and literature” be a top entertainment topic. In fact, the books getting the most pageviews tend to center on politics, rather than more frivolous subjects.

Of course, the French have more lowbrow fun too, with lots of pageviews for celebrity gossip and TV. Many of the popular gossip-related articles focused on Cyril Hannouna, host of the popular program “Touche pas à mon poste,” or “”Don’t Touch My TV Set!”

Top Entertainment Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Celebrities & Gossip 4,556,491,200
Television 4,011,840,550
Shows & Events 2,637,315,300
Books & Literature 2,239,449,200
Celebrations 1,178,472,300
Shakira 544,650,650
Films & Cannes 531,701,450
Christmas 254,461,950
Heritage Day 254,461,950
Strickly Come Dancing 165,456,250


As with other European countries, utility prices affected by Russia’s war on Ukraine are top of mind in France. Topics with the most pageviews include “gasoline price” and “Russia and gas.” Other concerns common this year the world over also made the top 10, like “inflation” and “mortgage.” Perhaps concerningly, the phrase “financial crisis” also got a lot of pageviews in France.

Top Finance Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Gasoline Price 857,529,950
Finance & Stock Exchange 532,059,650
Russia & Gas 84,090,550
EDF Stock Exchange 67,530,050
Inflation & Livret (Savings Accounts) 57,808,550
Government Financial Help 52,928,900
Mortgage & Loan 51,754,100
Financial Crisis 51,754,100
Council Taxes 32,775,900


Covid continued to have a strong impact on the business world in France in 2022, as evidenced by both “Covid” and “Pfizer” (maker of one of the Covid vaccines) receiving high pageviews. As in most countries, Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter also attracted plenty of attention.

Top Business Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Economic Affairs 32,775,900
Covid 1,101,743,800
Twitter & Elon Musk 64,242,350
Pfizer 54,246,150
Amazon 37,560,700
Macron 31,747,800
Shortages 23,629,350


One sports story to make the Top 10 in France but not in other countries in this roundup: The Tour de France, of course. The annual 23-day bike race is always a big deal here. Another sport that seems to be more popular with French web users than others is skiing.

Top Sports Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Tour de France 3,160,055,550
Football (Soccer) 3,118,282,350
Basketball 1,147,779,100
Football & Coupe France & Ligue 1 1,064,277,400
PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) & Ligue 1 848,279,250
World Cup 2022 – Qatar 838,692,450
Rugby & Top & XV de France 464,251,600
Formula 1 397,978,350
Ski 197,577,350
US Open & Rafael Nadal 193,359,250

Health & Fitness

Despite rates of Covid infection decreasing in 2022, it’s clear that the virus still holds a major place in the French peoples’ concerns over health. Along with another of the year’s big viruses, mpox, Covid worries dominated the Top 10 in this category, with topics one through four related to the viruses. Covid popped up again in spots six and seven, paired with related topics “health” and “masks.”

Top Health & Fitness Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Disease 3,620,777,050
Covid 1,236,113,500
Covid & Vaccine 1,020,426,900
Covid & Pandemic & Monkey Pox 833,779,500
Health 415,483,600
Health & Covid 142,162,000
Covid & Masks 131,362,100
Nutrition 60,607,500
Massage 16,298,000
Yoga 8,959,400


Source: Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images for Luisaviaroma

General News

The General News section includes both local and national news on world events. “Local News” received over 551 million pageviews. An example article includes information on the Tannenhausen fire department’s gas leak operation.

This section also demonstrates interest in topics on Ukraine aid, gas supplies in Germany, and, perhaps because of her European origin, Ivana Trump’s death drew a lot of reader interest in Germany.

Top General News Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Local News 551,771,200
Ivana Trump 271,313,820
Fire Department & Fire & Cologne & Cat 211,506,400
Germany & Driver’s License 186,799,100
Euro & Financier 122,010,350
Nationale Nachrichten & Ukraine Help 44,616,750
Coach Julian Nagelsmann 36,141,650
Gas & Germany 28,889,050
Shark Attack & Egypt 21,702,150
Psychiatry 20,040,750


Heidi Klum is enjoying a moment in her native land, starring as a judge on Germany’s Next Topmodel, which she also produces. The No. 1 most popular category, “celebrity fans and gossip,” includes plenty of content about the German-American supermodel, while her name and the name of her show share the No. 2 slot. Rounding out the Top 10 are stories about Klum and her daughter, Leni Klum, who is also a model.

Top Entertainment Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Celebrity Fans and Gossip 3,750,811,050
Heidi Klum & Germany’s Next Topmodel 2,574,877,300
Movies & TV 2,191,927,350
Shows & Events 1,125,680,250
Friendship & TV Crime 754,532,550
Lord of the Rings Series 637,004,250
Hurricane & Southside Festival 603,948,200
Musik & Dieter Bohlen & Comeback 557,847,400
Dieter Bohlen & Schlager 525,131,600
Heidi Klum & Leni Klum 427,097,400


As in other places, German readers are clearly concerned about increasing prices. “Pensioners” was a major topic, with a lot of stories focusing on allowances to help retirees pay for rising energy bills. “German economy, rising prices” and “oil prices” also made the Top 10, as well as the German version of Shark Tanks called “Höhle der Löwen” with popular Business Angels.

Top Finance Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Deutsche Bank 245,705,500
Pensioners 188,855,650
Investments 131,252,050
German Economy & Rising Prices 94,908,650
Ticket Prices & Champions League 89,219,600
Stock Exchange & Germany 86,679,550
Sparkassen Bank 50,125,200
Investment TV Show “Höhle der Löwen” 28,647,250
Stock Exchange & Euro 8,177,200
Oil Prices 3,818,750


Amazon Prime recorded an impressive 419,087,450 pageviews, putting the term in first place in the German business and industry category, followed by topics on regional automotive champion BMW and the industry related IG Metall trade union strikes.

Top Business Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Amazon Prime 419,087,450
BMW 173,695,850
IG Metall Union Strikes 156,751,850
Antiques TV Show “Bares für Rares” 110,329,100
Post & Hybrid Mail & 91,467,450
Benefit Event & Ukraine & Russia 53,931,100
Aldi 49,273,900
Werbung und Marketing & MediaMarkt 41,106,750
MediaMarkt & Saturn &Consumer Electronics Retail 41,019,750
Amazon Prime Hits 38,307,250


As with pretty much everywhere except the US, football (soccer) dominated sports fans’ attention in Germany this year. Particular football topics to top the chart include Munich’s Football Club Bayern, top-tier football league German Bundes League, and Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann. But that’s not all! Also popular: The UEFA Champions League, the multi-sport event European Championship in Munich , the FIFA World Cup, and Matthias Ginter, one of the players to represent Germany in the World Cup 2022.

Top Sports Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Football (Soccer) 3,498,526,600
FC Bayern & German Bundes League & Coach Julian Nagelsmann 1,530,836,000
Mick Schumacher & Formula 1 1,018,284,600
FC Bayern & Champion League 892,025,300
FC Bayern München & Qatar & World Cup 746,832,550
Matthias Ginter & Soccer Player 207,214,250
Dresden Eislöwen & Ice Hockey 120,288,050
US Open, Alexand Zverev, Tennis 120,217,100
Germany & FC Bayern & Basketball 110,784,650
Germany & Munich & European Athletic Championships 107,616,600

Health & Fitness

If 2020 and 2021 was dominated by a single virus, 2022 was the year of the viruses. German readers of health stories focused on illness in general, with specific interest in the Omicron variant of Covid, the flu, and vaccines for both. The Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s version of the Centers for Disease Control, also drew a lot of eyeballs as Germans looked for information about preventing and treating these diseases as well as the new Federal Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach. In addition, with 20,701,600 pageviews, the legalization of cannabis was also a major topic among readers.

Top Health & Fitness Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Illness & Omicron & Vaccine 971,087,750
Germany & Flu Vaccine & Pharmacies 360,994,450
Germany & Robert Koch Institute 220,340,200
Robert Koch Institute & Flu 136,051,250
Drinking Water & Germany & Beer 63,108,850
Study & Covid & Going to Work 50,872,700
Biontech & Moderna 39,037,100
Dresden & Covid & Prison 38,780,850
Karl Lauterbach & Health Minister & Twitter 33,416,250
Cannabis & Legalization 20,701,600


Source: Eraldo Peres/Associated Press

General News

The story that riveted the most Brazilians this year was a tragic one: João Paulo Diniz, son of billionaire businessman Abilio Diniz, died suddenly of a heart attack at age 58, the day after completing a triathlon. Of course, the defeat of former President Jair Messias Bolsonaro and his challenging the election results also led to plenty of pageviews.

Top General News Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Local News 542,961,900
National News 93,818,050
João Paulo Diniz 79,392,100
Jovem Pan & Bolsonaro 64,482,000
Imposto de Renda 49,769,400
SP 44,485,200


One name: Annita! One of the only Brazilian entertainers ever to break out to the international stage, the singer had a great year, and it shows in the pageviews. Much of the No. 1 topic, “celebrity fans and gossip,” focused on Annita, and her name was the No. 3 most popular topic. The entertainer provided plenty to read about: Not only did she host the Latin Grammys and release a global hit album, “Envolver,” but Annita also delved into politics, speaking out against the Bolsonaro regime.

Top Entertainment Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Celebrity Fans & Gossip 11,691,011,250
Movies & TV 2,340,045,450
Anitta 1,904,132,500
Bolsonaro 1,739,624,850
Fazenda 14 & Deolane 1,529,236,400
Globo & BBB 1,026,590,650
Shows & Events 977,403,200
Rock in Rio & Festival 496,281,300


Domestic companies commanded quite a bit of reader interest in the financial realm, with Brazilian fintech upstart Nubank topping the ranks and state-owned financial services giant Caixa not far behind. State-owned oil company Petrobras also drove traffic.

Top Finance Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Nubank 1,149,067,550
Investing 1,141,337,500
Caixa 945,682,100
Petrobras 611,546,300
INSS 606,856,450
INSS, 14º Payment 422,054,450
Financial News 220,706,900
Help 185,341,000


Government and business are inextricably linked, as demonstrated by Brazil’s most popular business topic of 2022: outgoing President Bolsonaro. In particular, the public unrest following Bolsonaro’s ouster impeded the transportation of farm goods, driving the terms “agriculture” and “agribusiness” up the chart.

Top Business Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Bolsonaro 843,696,450
Agriculture & Forestry 340,340,350
Petrobras & Eletrobras & Preço 306,271,950
Agribusiness 115,908,850
Business News 101,800,850
Eletrobras 86,065,750


Football, anyone? The sport wasn’t just the No. 1 topic of Brazilian sports fans’ obsession, it was also the No. 2 topic, in the form of the Palmeiras and Corinthians clubs, and topics Nos. 3 and 4, in the form of other club names and the South American football competition, Copa Libertadores de América.

Top Sports Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Football (Soccer) 6,569,153,100
Palmeiras & Corinthians 2,016,842,050
Corinthians & Libertadores 1,635,290,150
Palmeiras & Inter 1,437,158,900
Sports News 1,139,593,650
Copa do Brasil 819,017,150
Neymar 651,577,000
Corinthians 443,553,200
Motor Racing 372,372,650
World Cup & Qatar 300,019,550

Health & Fitness

One concern that is consistent throughout the world this year is illness, particularly viruses. In Brazil, most “illness” coverage was about Covid. That virus also shared the No. 2 spot with cancer, with stories about how some cancer drugs might hold promise for treating covid. On its own, the virus dominated the No. 4 spot as well, and the No. 6 spot was dedicated to Covid vaccines.

Top Health & Fitness Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Illness 2,296,925,300
Cancer & Covid 1,053,556,800
Alzheimer 433,800,750
Covid 305,177,800
Cancer & Brain & Illness 214,324,850
Covid & Vaccines 155,089,050
Weight Loss 104,624,150
Smallpox & World Health Organization 80,534,300
Surgery 68,674,950
Menopause 66,760,550


Source: Rick Rycroft/AP

General News

It’s nice to see happy news dominate the headlines once in awhile, and that was the case in Australia this year, where readers focused most on their compatriots who won lottery jackpots. Not to be excluded, the less cheerful topic of Covid also made the chart, particularly in relation to the state of Victoria, where Daniel Andrews, controversial for his handling of the virus, was re-elected premier.

Top General News Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Lotto & Powerball & WA 165,248,300
Covid & Victoria 42,005,250
Auckland 37,445,200


Although Australians pay plenty of attention to celebrities and shows from the rest of the English-speaking world, two Australian TV shows, The Block and Home and Away, garnered reader attention this year. The former, a renovation show, shared its billing with its longtime host, Scott Cam, who publicly criticized a couple of local influencers for leaving the show early.

Top Entertainment Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Meghan & Harry & Kate 681,007,350
Death & Anne Heche 537,018,250
Kim Kardashian 373,438,300
Woman 337,537,850
Block & Scott Cam 331,092,600
Gun 249,232,900
House Dragon 161,918,950
Home & Away 126,120,000
AFL & Channel 115,632,550
Marvel & Thor 76,995,550


Readers of financial news Down Under had a very clear focus: rate hikes. This played out with “RBA bank” and “RBA rate” taking the two top slots; both refer to interest rate hikes by the Reserve Bank of Australia. The third most popular topic, “mortgage interest rates” was more of the same.

Top Finance Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
RBA & Bank 467,183,200
RBA & Rate 191,593,150
Mortgage & Interest Rates 70,643,100
Australians 62,776,350
Centrelink 29,271,300
Border & Truckies & WA SA 29,269,050
Mortgage 15,809,450
China 6,772,350
Scam 2,264,800


The Covid pandemic has had a major impact on business worldwide, and even in its third year, this was evident in Australian business news readership. Readers paid attention to how the virus affected business in Western Australia and the city of Perth in particular.

Top Business Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
WA & Covid 524,911,350
Covid & Health 235,521,550
Recall & Chips & Plastic 106,076,350
WA 86,489,500
Agriculture & Forestry 74,972,900
Farmer 62,940,450
Covid & Perth& WA 60,492,500
Tax Return 52,633,900


Covid also continued to hamper the sports world in Australia, with Australian Football League sanctions against teams for Covid protocol violations topping the charts. The State of Origin rugby competition was also disrupted when a key player was sidelined due to Covid infection.

Top Sports Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
AFL & Covid & WA 1,313,345,650
Covid & Origin 1,073,149,200
Covid 716,569,200
Nick Kyrgios 549,478,900
T20 World Cup & England 517,814,100
World Cup & Qatar 486,651,350
AFL & Covid 460,295,250
Cody Simpson & Swimming 345,751,650
Shark 315,215,050

Health & Fitness

Australia has consistently remained a Covid hotspot. Nowhere is this more evident than in the health news Australians are consuming. Covid-related stories dominated six of the top eight topics there, from the general topic of “disease” to “Covid 19″ on its own, to Covid’s impact on sleep, to Covid in conjunction with mpox.

Top Health & Fitness Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Disease 2,057,121,600
Covid 19 1,554,781,000
Covid 19 & Monkeypox 660,830,650
Covid & China 390,930,250
Health & Covid 381,223,450
Alzheimer 190,871,900
Cancer 181,005,600
Sleep & Covid 178,500,800
Covid & Vaccine 151,658,450


Source: Getty Images

General News

This year general news readers in Japan were quite focused on fun topics, including celebrities, sports, and entertainment. Topics unique to the nation include the casting of the TV show Kamakura Dono, a historical drama translated as The 13 Lords of the Shogun.

Top General News Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Celebrities and Gossip 6,264,705,000
Baseball 2,604,062,900
Government 2,324,972,800
Movies & TV 2,027,257,450
Hanshin (Baseball Team) 1,436,241,750
Take Yukata (Jockey) 1,357,517,950
Casting of the Main Character of the TV Show Kamakura Dono 1,153,788,700
Male Idol Groups 1,138,452,950


Among celebrities, few enjoy more limelight in Japan than pop music groups. Japanese web users lavished plenty of attention on the male groups Snow Man and King & Prince and the female group Nogizaka 46.

Top Entertainment Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Celebrities & Gossip 6,264,705,000
Movies & TV 2,027,257,450
Take Yutaka (Jockey) 1,357,517,950
Casting of the Main Character of TV Show Kamakura Dono 1,153,788,700
Male Idol Groups 1,138,452,950
Music 904,354,850
Snow Man and King & Prince (Idol Groups) 756,655,150
Snow Man (Idol Group) 669,810,700
Nogizaka 46 (Female Idol Group) 439,363,850
Minegishi Minami Getting Married 396,921,000


In a nod to its role in the global financial system, a lot of web users in Japan took in stories about the financial impact of international events, including Russia’s war with Ukraine and the Chinese economy.

Top Finance Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Russia 138,324,150
Investment 51,896,150
Personal Loan 27,854,350
Bank 25,060,150
Finance News 22,388,300
Cryptocurrency 18,724,050
Chinese Economy 18,182,100
Investors & Kei Komuro 17,921,700
Card & Insurance 17,335,700
Savings 16,930,050


As with financial news, the business news that the Japanese public consumed the most examined international events. But they also read plenty about Japanese companies, mainly the clothing retailer Uniqlo.

Top Business Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Russia 300,106,100
Uniqlo 283,408,950
Economics & Russia 138,324,150
Russia & China 56,849,750
Investment 51,896,150
Company 50,989,950
Business News 45,343,300
CEO 37,297,200
Nasa Rocket 34,664,600
Ichiro (A Famous Baseball Player) 32,065,300


Not to say that Japan doesn’t love football (soccer) — the sport made the No. 3 slot, and stories about the World Cup fell at No. 8 — but there’s another sport that Japan loves even more: baseball. More than half of the most popular online topics for Japanese sports fans involved baseball, including Japanese teams Hanshin, Orix, Chunichi, and Nippon Ham.

Top Sports Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Baseball 2,604,062,900
Hanshin (Japanese Baseball Team) 1,436,241,750
Football 566,120,800
Orix & Chunichi (Baseball Teams) 399,074,800
Yutaka Take & Seina Imamura (Jockeys) 392,426,850
Hanshin (Japanese Baseball Team) 375,105,150
Wrestling 324,360,200
Football & World Cup 221,683,000
Nippon Ham (Baseball Team) 126,845,250
Ai Fukuhara (Former Table Tennis Player) 106,023,000

Health & Fitness

Although Japan achieved the milestone of re-opening to tourism in 2022, Covid continued to dominate the public’s health concerns, particularly in the city of Hiroshima.

Top Health & Fitness Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Illness 795,856,850
Covid & Hiroshima & Hospital 228,841,900
Infections in Hiroshima 191,264,100
Virus & Covid 153,392,400
Vaccinations 64,099,450
Sleep 46,885,750
Imperial Household 38,081,100
Prime Minister & Covid 29,089,700
Comedian Nobu (Chidori) Getting Sick and Hospitalized 20,884,500
Ministry of Health 10,554,450


Source: DVV Entertainment

General News

Rahul Gandhi, son of the Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty, grabbed attention with his ongoing march across India. Another story that attracted quite a few readers was a spike in rape cases in the nation’s largest city, Mumbai.

Top General News Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Celebrity Fans & Gossip 3,858,195,250
Politics 3,749,600,200
Cricket 2,160,820,550
Crime 2,006,234,850
Pakistan & T20 World Cup 1,859,042,100
Alia Bhatt & Birthday 1,532,796,350
Congress & Modi 1,375,194,400
Transports 1,156,727,300
Koffee & Aamir Khan & Laal Singh Chaddha 1,106,727,450
Congress & Sena 979,888,850


India’s film industry is renowned, and this year one of its productions, RRR, is rapidly becoming an international cult classic. So of course, the over-the-top action movie was one of the most read-about entertainment topics in India in 2022. Other Bollywood stories to get lots of attention covered actress Alia Bhatt, actor Aamir Khan, and the movies Laal Singh Chaddha and Brahmastra: Part One—Shiva.

Top Entertainment Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Celebrity Fans & Gossip 3,978,750,050
Alia Bhatt & Birthday 1,571,465,150
Koffee & Aamir Khan & Laal Singh Chaddha 1,142,947,250
Box Office & Brahmastra & Film 908,050,650
BTS 645,567,800
Bigg Boss 16 418,071,850
Box Office & Love and Thunder Thor 205,598,750
RRR 173,179,550
BTS & Army 173,179,550
Lastcannes & Awards & Film 129,770,350


Indian readers took in a lot of stories about the September initial public offering of Tamilnad Mercantile Bank, included in the No. 1 topic, “investing,” and the No. 2 topic, “Nifty. Sensex,” which refers to the Nifty 50 Indian and BSE Sensex stock market indices.

Top Finance Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Investing 876,600,850
Nifty & Sensex 404,381,400
Oil & Russia 307,890,200
IPO & Stock 211,632,450
Bank & Interest Rates 208,585,800
Bank 161,776,500
Stock Market & Nasdaq 59,614,100
RBI 42,599,450
Rupee 20,245,650
Stocks & Bank & Reliance 15,602,800


Covid vaccines were a top topic of interest for consumers of Indian business news. The No. 1 topic, “China,” is related to that country’s export of vaccines. Covid itself was the second most popular business topic, and “vaccine. Covid” came in at No. 9.

Businessman Mukesh Ambani, the eighth richest person in the world, also generated quite a lot of buzz, as he considered buying a British football team and other moves.

Top Business Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
China 131,814,300
Covid 104,317,150
Twitter 104,317,150
Farmers & Congress & Punjab 78,137,300
Mukesh Ambani 63,381,950
CEO & Business 60,215,550
Tata Steel & Mining 47,411,200
Chemical & Fire 16,374,750
Vaccine & Covid 15,338,200
Food & Russia & Ukraine 13,783,700


If you pick up an English language sports section, how do you know if it’s from India? If cricket gets more coverage than any other sport, that’s a tell. The batting game may have originated in England, but it’s the No. 1 most-read-about sports topic in India in 2022.

Top Sports Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Cricket 2,160,820,550
Pakistan T20 World Cup 1,859,042,100
FIFA World Cup Qatar 242,844,000
Commonwealth Games 125,659,400
Tennis 112,677,700
Roger Federer & Novak Djokovic 111,433,400
Commonwealth Games (Wrestling) 51,860,250
Commonwealth Games (Hockey) 9,652,050
Swimming & Vedaant Madhavan 9,652,050

Health & Fitness

Covid continues to dominate readers’ attention in India, with topics related to the virus taking up about half the spots in the Top 10. Another virus, mpox, managed to share the No. 4 spot.

That doesn’t mean that Indian readers are focused on only the negative aspects of health. They also read plenty about weight loss, including the keto diet, and about a workout with a pretty good track record there: yoga.

Top Health & Fitness Topics Number of Pageviews on Taboola’s Network
Disease 458,583,100
Weight Loss & Keto 355,071,600
Covid 242,639,150
Monkeypox & Covid 216,042,900
Covid & Mumbai 161,994,500
Covid & Health 156,761,850
Yoga & Workout 146,876,650
Health & Heart 53,586,350
Pregnancy & Abortion 34,860,200
Protendim 18,895,400

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