Taboola, the world’s largest discovery platform, is proud to announce that we have directly integrated with Google Display & Video 360.

DV360 is Google’s DSP, or Demand Side Platform, which was rolled out in 2018 as a rebrand of DoubleClick Bid Manager. An amalgamation of programmatic buying tools built for creative, data, and media, the DV360 platform helps campaign execution function efficiently end-to-end.

Not surprisingly, this tool quickly gained size and popularity with its innate ability to improve collaboration, increase transparency and control, deliver faster insights and tie disparate supply types into one cohesive platform.

Today, programmatic buyers can begin bidding on Taboola’s native in-feed publisher placements in real-time through our direct connection with DV360.

With DV360’s powerful access to Google’s extensive data, and Taboola’s unique, exclusive, native placements across the world’s largest and most premium publisher sites, the integration will bring with it a host of exciting opportunities for advertisers.

What this means for DV360 users

For users of DV360, advertising with Taboola has never been easier. Advertisers already using DV360 can now target Taboola as a native supply source and gain access to exclusive inventory and highly performing placements across premium publisher sites all over the world. Start buying in the open auction today, or contact your Taboola representative or to arrange for a custom Deal ID to meet your brand’s KPI. Whether it’s finding your target audience on Taboola’s publishers, or buying only viewable impressions, we can tailor the solution to match your needs.

“Taboola’s integration with DV360 is great news, as it will now be possible to work on a programmatic strategy within just one tool. It will allow me to have a centralized view of the numbers and also strategies across audiences.”

-Guilherme Souza, Co-Founder, ExiberClients: Ype, ComGás, SaaS, Kayak

With this direct integration, Taboola bolsters its position in the programmatic ecosystem and hopes to bring continued value to marketers and help them find new ways to make their campaigns successful and efficient on whichever platform they prefer.

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