The Best Affiliate Marketing Blog Round-Up

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Whether you have 100 or 100,000 readers, affiliate marketing is one of the most successful strategies you can employ to monetize your website and drive revenue.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing promotes products and services on a website in exchange for commission. A publisher, for example, can include a link to a partner’s product in their blog post and earn money each time a reader clicks on the link or buys the product. It’s a great way to earn passive income from your readers and recommend helpful products that meet your audience’s interests.

To make the most of your affiliate marketing operation and stay on top of important trends, check out these top affiliate marketing blogs:

Mobidea Academy

Mobidea Academy covers all the topics a successful affiliate marketer needs — from optimization to A/B testing and analytics. It also publishes interviews with industry experts and reviews of top ad networks.


The Affiliorama blog sharpens your skills with the latest affiliate marketing news, trends and tips. Take lessons in market research, site building, SEO and content creation.


The affiliaXe blog is full of top-notch interviews and thought-leadership pieces about the marketing landscape. Come for the expert insights. Stay for the pop culture references such as “5 Lessons Game of Thrones Can Teach You About Affiliate Marketing.”


Affposts is an ever-updating feed of resources for affiliate enthusiasts. Come to this aggregation hub for real-time posts from top publishers, such as HubSpot and

Niche Pursuits

Niche Pursuits is the place to go for case studies, behind-the-scenes marketing tips, and posts that tell it like it is. ‘It’ being the state of the affiliate marketing world. Filter by topics such as Amazon FBA and e-commerce, newsletters, and niche business ideas.

Affiliate Marketing Blog

On this blog, affiliate marketing guru Shawn Collins shares his personal journey from inside the business. Collins also co-founded the leading industry conference, Affiliate Summit, and writes books on affiliate marketing. His titles include Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants and Affiliate Manager Boot Camp: Recruiting, Educating, and Retaining Affiliates.


At iAmAttila, enjoy tool reviews, discounts, and industry guides from an eight-figure-earning affiliate marketer and blogger. And, while you’re here, prepare to supercharge your strategy with e-books, such as How to Make 1,000 a Day with Paid Traffic.

Smart Passive Income

It’s all in the name: Smart Passive Income. Here, affiliate marketing icon Pat Flynn gives you the tools you need to build your dream business and start making money from your entrepreneurial ventures.

Matthew Woodward

From starting your blog to monetizing with advertising partners, Matthew Woodward’s blog takes you every step of the way through your affiliate marketing journey. He even runs a free course on how to build a successful blog in seven days.

Shout Me Loud

Shout Me Loud covers it all — from getting your site started and launching a podcast to driving traffic with ads and, of course, monetizing with affiliate marketing. Take advantage of these resources to harness your big idea and shout it loud.


Ask questions, garner support, and be among fellow marketing fiends at affLIFT, an affiliate forum for discussing the latest trends, challenges and tips in the market.

Charles Ngo

Charles Ngo has an enticing offer: get the cheat codes to affiliate marketing and get ahead of the game while kickstarting your strategy. Through informative blog posts and free lessons, Ngo saves you time and money by sharing the biggest mistakes and opportunities up-front.

Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson has been successfully monetizing content through affiliate marketing for over 20 years. Here, he shares what he’s learned by documenting his journey and helping you start yours.

AM Navigator

AM Navigator is your compass to “sail the uneasy waters of influencer and affiliate marketing.” Started by marketing leader Geno Prussakov in 2006, this company offers a wealth of insights from work with brands such as Forbes, Nokia, Warner Music, and Hallmark.

Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit is more than just the leading conference in its field. Having run events across the world for over 12,000 marketers, it’s also a go-to digital destination for the latest industry news and actionable tips.

Ian Fernando

On his blog, Ian Fernando shares case studies, how-to guides, and interviews for aspiring affiliate marketers who are ready to monetize their content and take their operations to the next level.

Rat Race Grad

At Rat Race Grad, entrepreneur and Neil Diamond fanatic, Jennifer Bland, publishes her diary of proven strategies for making money online. She even shares income reports and a rolodex of solo ads, broken down by cost, clicks, and opt-ins.

Vinny O’Hare

Vinny O’Hare has spent over 20 years making money online — from selling products on eBay to building monetized websites with affiliate marketing. Check out his blog to see how he runs 30 high-ranking websites and mine pearls of wisdom for your marketing program.

Adam Riemer

Adam Riemer uses his website to address the biggest obstacles plaguing affiliates, marketers, and SEO professionals — from how to start your own subscription initiative to finding the right search keywords for your audience.

Tricia Meyer

Tricia Meyer, owner of Sunshine Rewards and a range of blogs, keeps readers up-to-date with affiliate marketing news, such as FTC disclosure guidelines, how coronavirus is affecting advertising, and success stories from the field.

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