Taboola CEO, Adam Singolda and Shahar (Dave) Waiser, CEO, Gett at Vivatech discuss how to build ‘unicorn’—one billion dollar companies—from scratch.
Taboola was recognized at Max Summit as a new technology platform to the region—those that have serviced Korea for three years or less.
We had a very successful Cannes Lions. These are our key learnings for brands to get the most out of their experience, especially with on-site meetings.
We did a little research, and these are hands down the best parties and events to attend at Cannes Lions 2017 so far—for everyone from innovators to pubs.
Masterclass participants in Seattle and Los Angeles had unique experiences - some focused on discovery strategy, while another focused on case studies.
We kicked off the Taboola Masterclasses series in London and San Francisco this January. They focused on two of the hottest topics in digital marketing.
Last week, Taboolars were busy attending industry events around the globe, from New York City to Mexico City and London. Below is a brief recap of each event, along with photos and a special video (in French) with coverage from September’s Paris Retail Week 2015. Ad: Tech 2015 (London) As data, content, and technology merge closer […]
Last week, Taboolars were on-site at industry events across both sides of the Atlantic, in New York City and Barcelona, Spain. Below is a quick recap of each event, along with photos and relevant discussion that each event inspired on social media. Argyle Forum: 2015 Leadership in Digital Marketing (New York) Taboola’s SVP of Business […]
Last week, Taboola was on-site at the Salon E-Commerce conference in Paris, France, Europe’s biggest international cross-channel event that brings together a diverse audience of professionals working across digital marketing, customer relations, logistics, IT, security and more. In addition to hosting a Taboola-themed booth that invited brands and marketers from around the world to learn […]
UPDATE 09/24: NEW SPEAKERS HAVE BEEN ADDED (DETAILS BELOW) Online publishers today are experiencing a complicated relationship with technology companies. The rise of social media giants, from Facebook to Twitter to Snapchat, has created new channels for media companies to reach large audiences. But the personalized feeds of information that define each of those platforms […]
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