25 May 2017

Smart eCommerce content is tailored for every stage of the customer journey. This is how they do it and match their business goals.

28 February 2017

Bombfell, a styling service for men, worked with Taboola to achieve a 960% increase in mobile leads – here’s how they did it.

5 January 2017

We’re excited to announce Taboola’s acquisition of Commerce Sciences allows us to double down on personalization for all open web visitors.

15 December 2016

Here are our eCommerce best practices. Taboola worked with an internal content strategy team to analyze thousands of eCommerce discovery campaigns.

8 December 2016

Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales hit record breaking numbers this year. According to black friday consumer data from eMarketer, online sales surged to $1 billion dollars daily leading up to the weekend, and reached more than $3 billion dollars on Black Friday and again on Cyber Monday. Leading up to this year’s sales, many were skeptical if the infamous holiday shopping weekend still held the same weight. Just as we demonstrated what happens when consumers spend time reading about fashion, we wanted to also examine the power of a sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To do this, we examined a few of the most popular mobile devices and tablets—a common Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchase—and measured them up to their deals on the day. Here is what we found. During the last quarter, the iPhone steadily remained a front runner in terms of how much […]

7 November 2016

Consumer data: Tis the season…for holiday shopping! The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing colors and shoppers are already starting to shop for winter attire. Believe it or not, consumers already have an eye out for the perfect outfit for holiday parties, stocking up on sweaters and boots to stay warm, and maybe even getting an early jump on gift giving. Ahead of the holiday shopping season, we took a look at consumer data to find out when people are actually spending the most time reading about retail. Here’s what we learned: Over a roughly two month period of time, we found that most folks are browsing for clothing on Thursdays. The topic of “clothing” saw an uptick of 9.3 percent on Thursdays compared to any other day in the week. Clothing is also a popular topic for Wednesdays which saw an uptick of 3.5 percent compared to […]

16 December 2014

Leaves have fallen, the air is brisk, and retailers are dreaming of a holly-jolly shopping season. Although the countdown to Christmas is well underway, there’s still time for retailers to capitalize on all of the opportunities they now have to reach consumers this holiday season. Leveraging Content To Drive Sales Consumers often ignore traditional advertising and brands are now tasked with creating innovative ways to engage their audiences. One way marketers are achieving this is by creating immersive, content-driven ecommerce experiences. In fact, more than half of consumers are more likely to buy products or services from companies that have custom content. Developing a content strategy around what your audience finds the most interesting is key. Think about what type of information they will find the most useful, questions they may be asking, and any challenges they are facing this time of year that you can help try to solve. […]

19 February 2014

As e-commerce rapidly becomes a booming trend in India, brands are beginning to shift their marketing efforts from traditional print and TV advertising to content marketing.

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