31 July 2017

Native advertising revenue is growing. According to a recent study by the Business Insider Intelligence and the IAB, native display ad spending has soared.

13 July 2017

NASCAR fans are united by the need for speed—but also by their hunger for more racing content. We interviewed NASCAR’s Sarah Davis on sponsored content.

21 June 2017

You may have hit the content jackpot without even knowing it. Look for the golden nuggets of earned media that might be out there, and promote them.

6 June 2017

Taboola CEO Adam Singolda discusses brand safety, and how brands are protected on the Taboola platform. What’s safe, and what’s not?

9 February 2017

Avocados from Mexico saw a 14% increase in lead generation with Taboola. They just adjusted their goals to include lead generation.

12 January 2017

We’re doubling leads in real estate marketing for Wave Center City and Berlin Estates. Read about how they’ve used content discovery for success.

7 October 2016

Over time, tracking will be able to give you real, actionable insight. Here are a few ideas to measure the impact of your brand storytelling.

9 September 2016

To support the French premier of the movie Ben Hur, Paramount decided to promote an article written by the entertainment team of 20 Minutes.

24 August 2016

Entering new markets with your business is a challenging move which requires a roadmap of nuanced strategies that engage your target audience, but which also preserve your brand identity. Your content marketing strategy is a key factor to unlocking new markets. Here are a few localization tips to get you going: Know Your Content If you haven’t yet done a stock take of your business’ content, then now would be the time to determine your content marketing assets. Analyze the channels and topics that most inspired your customers to interact. This will show you the strongest brand buy-in and your most obvious starting point. Know Your Audience You’ll need exposure and familiarity with your target culture in order to truly convert your customers. Know who they are, why they’d use your product and how their needs are being met today. Know where they their spend time online, on what device, […]

21 January 2016

In this 3-part series, we’ll explore how “discovery” can help marketers achieve brand awareness at all stages of the funnel—starting with the top.

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