For many people, October 30th, 2019 was just a regular day––work, meetings, coffee, repeat––but for a special group of Taboolars and all of the incredible members of Sunrise Israel – Katz, this day was anything but regular.

October 30th marked the Sunrise Israel – Katz’s 10th annual Tel Aviv Night Run, where throngs of people come together with one common goal: to raise money for children fighting cancer, and the incredible families who rally around them.

Founded in 2010, the Sunrise Israel – Katz has been making tremendous strides towards giving children battling cancer and their siblings the experiences that all children should be able to have––attending spring and summer camps, socializing with friends, and simply having fun.

In order to continue delivering these wonderful experiences to children and their families, Sunrise Israel puts together events that go beyond just normal fundraisers, and bring communities together for an excellent cause.

In Tel Aviv, some of our very own Taboolars are a part of this community, and were right there in the action for this past Tel Aviv Night Run. They shared, from their own points of view, what it means to be a part of this special event.

Nadav Perry, VP of Sales Strategy and Media Ops

As someone who has been a member of the board for Sunrise Israel – Katz, and remains involved, can you share what this cause means to you, and why you choose to participate?

“I was introduced to Sunrise five years ago and was immediately moved by the unique and touching experiences they provide to families who are fighting cancer. 

Every year in Israel, about 400 children are diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis changes the life of the patient and their family from end to end––hospitalization, a strict treatment regimen, side effects, and social isolation become part of daily routine. The association was established with the goal of organizing recreational and social activities for children battling cancer and their siblings. Participation is free of charge, taking into account the heavy financial burden borne by families whose child has a life-threatening illness.

Their day camps give the children the opportunity to be children again. Their volunteers provide hope and happiness, and parents can rest assured that their children are safe and are being looked after by a team of experts. 

After seeing Sunrise’s impact, I joined their Board of Directors and tried to help them scale in many different ways. Today, the association operates in several locations in the country, and I’m still involved in trying to help them scale. 

What does it mean to you to work at a company like Taboola where people participate in these types of activities?

I’m proud to work for a company that has attached itself to these types of causes. We are incredibly lucky and privileged to be able to give back like this. 

Taboola has been running with Sunrise for years, and for every runner who participates, the company donates directly to help more children take advantage of what Sunrise has to offer. 

The Taboola runners who participate in the night run demonstrate that there is more to life than just work. Being a Taboolar is about being empowered to contribute to important causes in the countries we work in.

Gal Shelach, Infrastructure Software Developer

What does this cause mean to you? What makes you choose to participate?

The night run has an incredible atmosphere. The runners have great energy, the crowd is cheering, and it’s all for a really important cause. 

Knowing that I’m able to help the children impacted by Sunrise Israel’s work while doing something that I love is what makes this night so great. 

What does it mean to you to work at a company like Taboola where people participate in these types of activities?

It’s so meaningful for me to work for a company that participates in these types of activities. I feel really good knowing that Taboola cares about the same causes that I do, and that they contribute to.

Noy Ziv, Talent Center Specialist

What does this cause mean to you? What makes you choose to participate?

I love to run, but also I believe in helping others as a way of life. The minute I heard I had the opportunity to combine these two, I knew it was something I needed to do. I believe that each one of us can, and should, free up a little bit of time and effort to volunteer and support the community. 

This run was one of the most exciting and most fulfilling experiences of my life. There was so much adrenaline, and you could feel the energy in the air––so much energy that I even broke my personal record. Another great thing about this event was the opportunity to get to know other employees from other companies who have since become friends.

What does it mean to you to work at a company like Taboola where people participate in these types of activities?

The fact that Taboola gave me the opportunity to take part in this event makes me proud to be part of a company that supports the community. 

I think Taboola can really serve as an example to other companies looking to get more involved with great organizations like Sunrise Israel – Katz. 

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