When marketers talk about video, a lot of what we talk about is related to a video’s success—viewability, completion rate, placements, cost models, and more. We adjust what we can to make sure our video performs at its highest potential for our budget, but this is really only half the battle.

At the heart of the best performing videos is true creativity. The first step to a successful video campaign, no matter where you’re running it, is the impact of the video itself.

We’re excited to announce that for all managed-service video clients, Taboola offers an in-house creative studio to customize videos with features like overlays, end-slates, and more.

With Taboola Video Studio, you’ll have access to our vertical and creative best practices to optimize video engagement and amplify brand awareness.

The Taboola Video Studio has the following features available for your video campaign:

  1. Overlays. This is when two video clips share the display screen at the same time, one smaller and superimposed on a larger image.
  2. End-slates. The part of your video at the very end, which may suggest other videos to your viewers or direct viewers to take an action.
  3. Creative consulting. Access our vertical and creative best practices specific to the open web.
  4. Editing. We’ll do things like add audio, shorten videos, move clips around, and more.
  5. Device adjustment. We will adjust the ratio and size of your video for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

With these resources, we’ll help you magnify your message in the marketplace.

In-feed video is the best option for marketers on the open web.

taboola video studio (1)

There’s nothing like in-feed video when you’re running your video campaigns anywhere online. It’s the format in which most users today are most comfortable engaging with content—and it works.

Our videos exist in Taboola Feed, an elegant, non-disruptive user experience optimal for branding and awareness goals—here’s what it looks like. Your videos are backed by proprietary audience data with the scale and reach you need across exclusive inventory.

We’re already seeing major improvements for brands:

  • Efficiency. Videos are found below article and only begin once in view.
  • Better viewability. Your ads can only be effective when they are viewed. We’re seeing 70%+ viewability rates on our in-feed videos.
  • Lots of pageviews. In fact, it’s over 3 billion each month.
  • Buy how you want. Available models are CPM or CPCV. CPCV allows you to only be billed for videos viewed to completion, or those that are clicked.
  • Choose your creative. We accept both short and long-form videos.

This is how these ministries of tourism are already finding success with creative strategy.

Both the Dominican Republic (DR) Ministry of Tourism and the Israel Ministry of Tourism are running incredibly successful campaigns with Taboola Video —in fact, their success is supported by brand uplift studies with Millward Brown.

DR Ministry of Tourism increased brand favorability by 19%.

taboola video studio (2)

The DR Ministry of Tourism used four marketing videos to promote their brand across the Taboola Network. As internet users saw the video, Millward Brown used pixel tracking to follow the audience.

For the DR Ministry of Tourism, success was defined by the fact that internet users who saw the advertisement had a higher opinion of the DR as a vacation destination than those who did not.

At the end of the day, favorability of the DR grew by 18.9%, which is evidence that the Taboola large format video placements were both discrete and effective.

Israel Ministry of Tourism sees a 14% conversion rate with Taboola Video traffic.

In preparation to promote travel from India to Israel in the wake of a new direct flight, The Israeli Ministry of Tourism produced a commercial.

taboola video studio (2)

With Taboola, The Israeli Ministry of Tourism not only achieved their targeted viewability and completion rates, but also found their video campaign converted 40% more on Taboola than any other platform, at a 14% CVR on the landing page, and delivered over 30 million video impressions.

The success of the video powered by Taboola is likely due in part to a companion banner placed at the bottom of the video, which included a clear call-to-action (CTA) encouraging viewers to book their trip to Israel.

For these travel brands, creativity is at the heart of what makes their video campaigns great. Video is available as a managed service with reporting available in Taboola Backstage. Contact us to get started.


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