At Taboola, milestones are celebrated. When a team member heads into the next step of their career, the entire company celebrates together regardless of location, team, or function.

To give a glimpse into what it’s like to learn and grow at Taboola, we’ll be sharing the stories of incredible Taboolars who have made various strides within their careers here. Last up: EMEA Sales Enablement Lead, Lena Chudasama.

Lena’s Taboola Journey

In April 2014, Lena joined Taboola in London as a Media Account Manager for the UK market.

She describes these early days as “scrappy”, and says she feels fortunate to have been able to “experience the excitement of a young, developing business.” It didn’t take long for Lena and the UK team to grow, evolve, and outgrow offices as Lena took on more responsibility becoming a Senior Account Manager.

“I’ve been here for a few office moves and seeing the transition and growth of the company has been amazing. I was the first SMB Account Manager, managing accounts in seven markets including UK, US, Germany and Ireland. I loved being part of a brand new team and determining processes and ways to service our clients at scale. Over the next two years, our team grew from just me, as the first account manager, to 12 account managers globally, and the team is continuing to grow.”

Lena’s leadership and initiative came as no surprise to her teammates. Since her first day at Taboola, she demonstrated a clear passion for running employee trainings, onboarding new members of the team, and mentoring whenever she could.

“Throughout my time at Taboola, I created onboarding plans for the team, set up mini trainings, and mentored newer team members. Pursuing a role at Taboola where I could flex my passion for training was always my goal, and the motivation behind the projects I pursued and the skillsets I honed. In January 2019, the need for a Sales Enablement Lead arose, and I was the natural choice. It took time and hard work to get there, and it was totally worth it.”

Lena cites coming into Taboola with a clear long-term goal in mind as a large part of her success at the company.

She built and nurtured strong relationships with not just her own manager, but her manager’s manager, and the team in HR. She was vocal about her goals, and when the opportunity came for her to reach them, the team she had built such strong relationships with was happy to help her get there.

“If I could give one piece of advice to someone getting started at Taboola, it would be getting to know the people on your team and build relationships. Learn the product as well as you can and keep honing your skills. Get the basics right and you will be successful.”

So, what’s next for Lena at Taboola?

“Over the last year in my current role, I’ve established the basics and laid the groundwork. This year, I want the team to continue refining the way we deliver and measure our training so that each and every sales person at Taboola feels that they have the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to reach their goals and then some. I want them to be excited about working at Taboola!”

For more inspiring stories from the incredible people who make up the Taboola team, keep an eye out for more editions of Moments of Growth. If you’re interested in a Taboola moment of your own, check out the roles we currently have open.

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