Many marketers looking to advertise with Taboola want to know how to get the best and most relevant traffic, and how to ensure their business succeeds. One of the questions we get most often in this context is, “how much does Taboola cost?”

The good news—your Taboola budget is fully in your control. Our customers only pay when people click on their ads and reach the advertiser’s website. If people see your ad but don’t engage with it, you pay nothing.

Taboola Pricing Options

While the overall cost of your Taboola campaign depends on the entire setup—budgeting, targeting and creatives—and the performance of your campaign, there are easy ways to optimize so you get the biggest return from your budget. You can start a Taboola campaign for just $10 a day.

how much does taboola cost


You can get started with Taboola all on your own, by heading over to our signup wizard. If you’re unsure what you’ll need to get started with your first campaign, we’ve laid out the process for you already. For this self-service option, the cost to ‘test the waters’ isn’t high—just $10 a day.

That said, we do recommend starting with $50 a day. This should allow you to gain enough traffic to see visible performance as well as enough data to further optimize your overall spend, cost per click (CPC) and cost per action (CPA).

Optimizing your CPC for better return is easy.

how much does taboola cost

Once you create your first Taboola campaign, you’ll gain access to Backstage, Taboola’s advertising platform, and to a whole lot of useful data.

The trick is to pay attention to your traffic sources, and the audiences they attract. Every site attracts a different type of visitor, and once you find the right combination of traffic sources for you, the performance of your campaigns will improve.

We’ve fleshed out several tips from Taboola Media Account Manager in the UK, Sean Adkins, in a recent blog post. These are the highlights:

  • Target campaigns by location: the competitive landscape for each market is very different, and paying attention to a geographic location first will make you successful.
  • Start with a realistic goal based on your budget and the value of the traffic for you: shooting for an arbitrary goal won’t work. A targeted spend in the beginning of a campaign will yield more quality traffic.
  • Relatively high CPC will get you more conversions, faster: at first, a higher CPC will get you more impressions, and you’ll have more data for optimization.
  • Crunch your data wisely: the size of your dataset matters—choose publishers with more data to work with.
  • Make sure to monitor your campaign’s daily and overall budget, not just CPC: If you are reaching either your daily or overall budget regularly, raise your budget to keep your campaign live longer during the day.

How much does Taboola pay to publishers?

For a step-by-step guide to the process of campaign optimization, and how to lower your Taboola cost, check out the full blog post.

How to Start a Discovery Campaign From Scratch

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