Earlier this month, we announced Taboola® Native, the latest addition to Taboola’s discovery platform, and an extension of our long-standing mission to help publishers better monetize their sites and marketers reach high-quality audiences across the web. As more and more companies adopt content marketing strategies, Taboola Native gives brands a powerful new way to reach audiences through exclusive in-feed and mid-article placements, on top publisher websites, across all devices.

Taboola NativeThese premium real estates offer our partners 100% share-of-voice, maximum visibility, and the opportunity to generate higher CTRs and deeper engagement for their promoted stories. Taboola Native also includes more prominent and customizable interfaces on mobile, where the majority of audiences are now consuming content.

Taboola Native is powered by our advanced predictive engine, and includes comprehensive brand safety features, such as negative keyword targeting and the ability to view performance by publisher site. Taboola also provides full transparency to consumers, following industry guidance regarding labeling and disclosure.

With a global network of over 550M unique monthly users, Taboola reaches more desktop users than Facebook in the US and YouTube in the UK. Taboola Native represents the next evolution of our mission, empowering brands to promote their stories through premium real estate across the web.

To learn more about how Taboola Native can boost your content marketing efforts, contact us today.

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