Today, we announced an exclusive, three-year partnership with Gannett Co., Inc. to integrate Taboola’s discovery platform across their network of digital publishing assets in more than 110 markets. Gannett is one of the world’s leading media companies, featuring some of the most trusted names in news, including USA TODAY, and we’re honored to be working with such a talented team of people.

Together, we’ll bring personalized content recommendations to Gannett’s audience on all platforms, and empower editorial teams with insights around how consumers are behaving across the network. We’ll also be experimenting with some exciting initiatives around audience segmentation, leveraging data to adapt the on-site experience for different groups of users. This type of next-generation personalization has become a key priority for us in years to come at Taboola as we see the web grow increasingly fragmented.

When we started our mission around “discovery” over eight years ago, the web was a much simpler place. People used to search, read and surf the web from a big screen. Nowadays, they arrive at publishers’ sites from Facebook and Twitter, using tablet and mobile devices, watching videos and flipping through galleries. But publisher websites still look the same to all of us, and we think that will change.

We’re thrilled to collaborate with Gannett’s team on bringing discovery to new audiences, and exploring innovative ways of engaging with readers on a deeper level. Stay tuned for more updates as we begin rolling out these initiatives!

To learn more about our partnership with Gannett, please read the full press release here.

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