At Taboola, milestone moments are tangible. When a member of the team takes the next step in their career, the entire company celebrates collectively, regardless of location, team, or function.

To share a glimpse of what it’s like to learn and grow at Taboola, we’ll be sharing the stories of Taboolars who have made various strides within their careers at Taboola. Next up: Director of APAC Media Account Managers, Nikita Olsen.

Nikita’s Taboola Journey

About six years ago, as Taboola began strengthening its APAC presence, the need to open an office in Bangkok became apparent.

Being a part of the founding team at a brand new office, while rewarding, comes with a host of challenges and problem-solving opportunities. Standing out among that original Bangkok team was an intern on the Media Team, Nikita Olsen. A true team player with an early ability to own any project given to her, Nikita thrived as she helped make the APAC team unstoppable.

“No day is ever the same for me at Taboola. The APAC markets are ever-changing and new challenges come my way every day. I’m doing so much more here than I had ever imagined I could, and I love it.”

Working at Taboola was Nikita’s first job, and her passion and desire to learn appeared instantly. As a bright and successful intern, she quickly transitioned into an Account Management role, where she was pivotal in helping Taboola expand into the APAC market.

As that team grew, Nikita was on the frontlines, training Account Managers, and getting them up to speed and ensuring they were able to thrive themselves.

This project highlighted a new skill within Nikita: leadership. It was this skill that made her a clear choice for the Director of APAC Media Account Managers, the role she holds today.

“I’m looking forward to the year ahead, when I’ll oversee a hardworking and dedicated leadership team for my first time, many of whom have been promoted internally. I truly feel a sense of family getting to work with these talented people, which is not something I take for granted.”

On Being in Tech and at Taboola

Nikita is proud to be a female leader in technology, citing “leading by example, dedication, hard work & believing in the company vision” as key pillars of her success.

“I have never pushed harder than I do in my day to day work at Taboola. By nature I am a very competitive person. and that drives me to always do more; not just for myself ,but for my team. I think there’s no such thing as ‘knowing it all’, and I’m always trying to learn more from new employees, seniors leadership, & Taboola’s clients. In my opinion, confidence is the key to success. If you don’t have it, work hard until you do.”

In every role she’s held and every task she’s taken on at at Taboola, Nikita has maintained the same motivation and passion she showed those very first days in the Bangkok office. She describes Taboola as an energetic, challenging place to work alongside truly passionate people.

So, what’s next for Nikita at Taboola?

“2020 is going to be a very big, exciting year. As the leader of the AM team, I’ll be able to hone my focus and help drive strategic decisions that change the way the Account Management team at Taboola operates globally. My biggest goal for myself is to allow myself the time to think of more creative and outside-of -the-box initiatives that will help the broader team excel and drive advertiser success of the highest level.”

For more stories from the unique and talented members of the Taboola team, stay tuned for our next edition of Moments of Growth. To join the team and have a Taboola journey of your own, check out our latest open roles.

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