Mattresses are a complicated business model. Reaching customers that journey through a long purchase cycle is tough, and getting them to buy a product online with ad spend that traditionally they’d like to physically test beforehand can be challenging. Despite its challenges, the industry is growing:

According to P&S Market Research, the global mattress market is expected to increase from where it was in 2015, at $24 million, to reach $38 million by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 6.5%.

Leesa is an affordable online mattress company that has seen success in this growing space by leveraging content discovery. Their mission—to design, create and sell thoughtful products to help people sleep better.

Achieving this mission is hard when customers are used to a different way of purchasing a product, not to mention the challenge of reaching them at the right time—when they’re actually researching and about to buy a mattress.

Leesa needed to know where their potential customers were in real-time, and they leveraged Taboola’s content discovery platform to do so.

“The concept of content marketing has always been something that interested me as a digital marketer,” Alex Realmuto, Head of Digital Marketing at Leesa said. “Through the Taboola network, we were able to secure premium placements and meet people where they already were across the web.”

Realmuto and his team used Taboola’s discovery platform to engage new audiences on premium sites around the web, and retarget those audiences to drive purchases.

“These placements not only allowed us to reach new audiences, but to really educate them about our product,” Realmuto added.

“Through the client service and account management service at Taboola, we have been able to really improve our campaign. We are very excited to continue our work together and reach even more audiences,” Realmuto said.

The results were there—Leesa consistently drove strong new customer leads and purchases with Taboola, exceeding all expectations they had before implementation. They achieved three times the amount of revenue per session, but how? They did it all with Taboola’s powerful retargeting engine and a strategy that was built just for them.

They got to know their customer, first.

taboola leesa ad spend

Leesa was built when Jamie Diamonstein and David Wolf were having trouble sleeping. They created a one-of-a-kind “universal adaptive feel” mattress that adjusts to bodies of all shapes, sizes, and sleeping styles. Their promise to customers is a good night’s sleep, and it begins with getting to know them.

Identifying when customers are ready to purchase is the natural first step since customers generally only need a new mattress every five to ten years. The decision is also deeply personal and involves careful research and consideration.

They turned to content discovery to better educate new customers, better understand their customer journey, and to learn where and how prospects need meaningful information during the purchasing process.

They focused on re-engagement.

taboola leesa ad spend

Together, Leesa and Taboola employed a strategic content marketing campaign. We then developed a plan to use external site retargeting to re-engage site visitors that had shown interest.

Taboola’s predictive technology allows brands like Leesa to reach consumers at valuable moments—specifically when they’re engaged and open to discovering something new. The Taboola platform analyzes hundreds of real-time signals from consumers—including device type, referral source, geography and more—to match people with content they may like.

Using a retargeting pixel, Leesa could capture anyone who visited their site and follow-up with more direct content recommendations when they came back to browse.

This empowered Leesa to capitalize on all of their leads—be it through Taboola, search, social or field marketing—and they quickly saw their conversion rates soar.

They spoke plainly, and directly.


The key to great advertising is uncovering the most effective creative strategy for your audience. Taboola and Leesa worked together on a series of multivariate A/B tests to optimize imagery, headlines, promotional offers and specific geo-targeting.

From these tests, they discovered that their consumer base reacted most desirably towards direct, branded headlines such as “Leesa® is a New Kind of Mattress for a New Kind of Sleep.”

With the ability to identify the language in their headlines that didn’t resonate well, and then adjust, Leesa generated thousands of leads that resulted in mattresses sold—and an overall increase in return on ad spend.

Using these strategies, Leesa generated a 5.7x return on ad spend over just seven months.

Partnering with Taboola allowed Leesa to grow their sales, and build traction in a competitive market without customized and tailored landing pages or newsletters. As they learn more about their customer base, and the purchasing journey, Leesa will explore more opportunities with Taboola to continue to grow and scale.

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