Sunday, February 5th, we were excited to celebrate the opening of our newest office in Be’er Sheva, Israel.

To kick off a hub for research and development (R&D) at Taboola in Southern Israel, our CEO Adam Singolda, and our VP of R&D, Aviv Sinai, hosted a fireside chat to talk about the history of Taboola, how it came to be, and how it continues to grow.

Feb. 6 Update: Our fireside chat to kick off our new office in Be’er Sheva was a success.

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Over 100 people attended our recent event at WeWork Be’er Sheva, where our CEO Adam Singolda, and our VP of Research and Development (R&D) Aviv Sinai, hosted a fireside chat to kick off the opening of our new Taboola office there.

Singolda and Sinai detailed their experiences from the early days of Taboola, and the hard work and commitment that led to the company we see today. Singolda spoke about humility, speaking specifically about the importance of staying grounded and humble, and to never fall into the trap of thinking you’ve “made it.”

There is always another mountain to cross and another goal to conquer—humility is what helps you succeed.

But it’s the people who make Taboola the company it is today, and Aviv and Singolda spoke in detail about their confidence in the Taboola employee network, and their willingness to support them in any way they can.

The mayor of Be’er Sheva, Ruvik Danilovich, attended the event and took the time to welcome Taboola, and addressed the inspired crowd, saying people like Adam and companies like Taboola are changing the world.

The event was a success, and we’re more than excited to see what comes next for Taboola in Be’er Sheva.

Updates below were published prior to the event, February 5, 2017.

To celebrate our new R&D hub, our executives are telling an inspiring story.

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Singolda and Sinai worked together to build the Taboola platform. They will share the story of establishing a successful startup; the experience of turning an idea into a successful worldwide company, and the vision for how Taboola can shape the future of discovering content.

Together since their early days in the Israel Defense Forces, Singolda and Sinai have a rich past. When Adam left his position in the army, Aviv took his place there.

Shortly after leaving the army, Singolda became frustrated with the lack of quality content to watch on television flipping through station after station. He had one very simple, very powerful idea—you shouldn’t have to find content, it should find you.

Singolda recruited Sinai to Taboola, and the two began to build what is today the most successful content recommendation platform on the web, from this one powerful idea—search in reverse.

Now we’re expanding, and our engineering team is better than ever.

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It’s with their story that Singolda and Sinai hope to inspire all the employees of Taboola, as well as the new R&D team—and potential recruits—that will be located in Be’er Sheva.

Together, they have faced many challenges. From creating a supportive engineering environment to attracting customers, partners, and building a culture where engineers can thrive, the pair has a lot of insight to offer to the Taboola engineers of Be’er Sheva.

But it’s not just the foundational story of how Taboola came to be that matters—it’s the foundational stories of all Taboolars and their futures that will help Taboola continue to grow and make a difference.

Check back Monday, February 7th for an update on the Be’er Sheva office opening.

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