We at Taboola have an exciting announcement: We’ve been shortlisted for “Best Brand Engagement Campaign” at the 2021 Performance Marketing Awards for our work with box mattress company OTTY.

The Taboola campaign, analyzed by digital marketing agency QueryClick, dramatically increased OTTY’s return on ad spend (ROAS) — more than 50% when compared to last-click attribution.

Andrew Jacobs, Digital Marketing Manager at OTTY, said:

“We have seen excellent results throughout our partnership with Taboola, and it’s great to see these repeated in our latest campaign through QueryClick… In the current environment, it’s vital we invest in strategies that drive tangible results, and the latest analytics from QueryClick has proven Taboola is the ideal partner to achieve this.”

Let’s dive deeper into the partnership, the campaign, and the results.

The Partnership: OTTY, QueryClick, and Taboola

This campaign is part of a long-standing partnership between OTTY and Taboola to drive increased sales of OTTY’s box mattresses, with a focus on cost-per-action (CPA) targets across varying audiences and campaigns.

This partnership has consistently proven valuable — previous campaigns have generated ten times more conversions on retargeting spend, as well as a 138% boost in ad spend month-on-month.

In 2020, OTTY engaged digital marketing agency QueryClick to determine ROAS across OTTY’s main marketing channels. QueryClick used its Corvidae SAAS platform, which harnesses sophisticated deep learning systems to analyze data and calculate return on investment (ROI).

The Campaign: Standard and Video Sponsored Content

OTTY’s campaign with Taboola included both standard sponsored content campaigns and video sponsored content campaigns, a new format that lets advertisers use GIF files in sponsored content campaigns.

These campaigns involved:

  • Using data to retarget interested users
  • Using the Taboola Pixel to track converted leads
  • Testing to ensure campaign results

During testing, Taboola ran campaigns for different audience segments. Branded video campaigns were also tested on a smaller scale to get a glimpse into their results and impact.

OTTY’s campaigns with Taboola engaged customers through creative and innovative language around something that everyone could relate to: ongoing lockdown measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign messaging piqued the interest of UK residents who may have had trouble sleeping due to the lockdowns, and who were interested in investing in a new premium mattress to help remedy their sleepless nights.

OTTY also engaged with Taboola’s video sponsored content product to draw attention to their hybrid mattress product line, and used a call-to-action (CTA) button to drive customer buy actions.

The Results: 50% Increase in ROAS

According to QueryClick’s analysis, Taboola’s impact was much greater than expected on OTTY’s ROAS as a mid-funnel channel. In fact, the data shows that Taboola is acting as an influencer, which has, in turn, resulted in more conversions.

Corvidae’s attributed ROAS figures show that Taboola is driving 50% more revenue than looking at last-click attribution alone. For example, one prospecting mobile campaign drove three times ROAS for OTTY compared to previous campaigns.

Chris Liversidge, CEO and Founder of QueryClick, said:

“Our attributed analysis of the native campaign by OTTY has uncovered impressive figures from Taboola’s solutions, highlighting the significant value the company brings to brands in these tough times. Our Corvidae tool has allowed OTTY to identify the most impactful spend, which is essential at a time when tight budgets are the norm for businesses everywhere.”

We at Taboola are honored to have been shortlisted alongside OTTY and QueryClick, and are looking forward to continuing our fruitful partnership in the future.

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