Taboola Content Spotlight: How Bundoo Engages Modern Parents With Content

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What should I pack in my labor and delivery bag? Are baby pacifiers dangerous? How can I stop my kids from fighting? These are just some of the numerous questions swimming through the brains of both moms and dads that Bundoo, a unique parenting website, tackles. Part medical advice/ part community, Bundoo has successfully created a new, comprehensive digital hub for parents and childcare professionals to connect, share, and learn.

Bundoo helps attract readers to their website via Taboola’s content discovery platform which shares their high-quality content with parents across a network of premium websites.

“In comparison with other advertising platforms we use to promote Bundoo content, Taboola’s traffic quality wins,” says Stephanie Winans, COO at Bundoo. “With a bounce rate 22% lower than other content discovery platforms, more time on site and pages per visit, our visitors from Taboola are some of our most engaged.”


Headlines like “Birth Order: Character Traits Of Oldest Children,” “10 Surprising Foods You Should Stop Feeding Your Baby,” and “Help! My Friend’s Kid Is A Brat!” attract Bundoo’s target audience to engage with content that appeals to their current lifestyle.

With the tagline “smart parenting starts here,” Bundoo’s content is written by experts including board certified pediatricians, nutritionists, OB/GYNs, speech therapists, and behavioral health specialists. Information is separated into six essential categories: Pregnancy, Babies, Toddlers, Health Issues, Feeding, and Family Life.


Bundoo also offers a Marketplace featuring select products that are carefully recommended by their network of experts and woven into their articles. For example, potty training products appear in a post called “4 potty training problems (and how to solve them).” Users have the opportunity to post their own review of any product to share their wisdom and experience with fellow parents who may visit Bundoo also.


We’ve identified several aspects of content marketing that Bundoo is doing well:

  • Cuteness: What’s as adorable (if not more) as puppies and kittens? Babies, of course! And Bundoo delivers. They’ve created a site jam packed with loveable, pudgy baby faces that pull at the heartstrings of any parent. These “cute overload” visuals also appear across Taboola’s network as recommended content, driving their target audience to engage quicker than they can say “Aww…”
  • Key Takeaways: Each article features 3-5 bullet points in a call-out box for parents to quickly skim. Choosing a design layout like this draws in users and allows them to consume the article’s content quickly and easily – perfect for the busy parent.
  • Relevancy: Bundoo’s content speaks to their audience’s current lifestyle. By labeling their content into specific categories such as “asthma & allergies,” “preschoolers,” “fertility,” and “for dads,” Bundoo successfully provides personalized information for parents looking for answers to real-time questions.


  • Problem solving: Like CheeseRank, Bundoo aims to provide solutions to parents’ challenges and make their hectic lives easier. For example, mastering the art of moving a child from the crib to a bed, 6 ways to teach your child how to be a good sport, and ways to improve your sex life post childbirth all offer valuable, simplified content for an audience seeking fixes to day-to-day dilemmas.
  • Establishing connections: Parents like to feel connected and prefer to learn from fellow parents as well as experts. Bundoo has built a social community for Bundoo members, enabling them to make new friends, join groups, or start their own group. They also offer “Ask Bundoo,” a paid service that allows users to ask medical experts specific questions they may have related to babies or childbirth.

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