Taboola Content Spotlight: CheeseRank’s Recipe for Content Marketing Success

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Peanut butter is to jelly as crackers are to… CHEESE! With that obvious pairing in mind, a few snack cracker experts went on a mission to “spread” their wealth of information about cheese to the world. See what I did there? Enter “CheeseRank,” a website dedicated to all things queso. Like bacon, cheese is generally loved by most and some people even crave cheese products to the point of obsession. Mac ‘n’ cheese, fried cheese, cheese crumble… how can you go wrong with anything oozing of cheese? As CheeseRank so eloquently professes, “a world without cheese is a very dark and disturbing place.”

CheeseRank is currently sharing its valuable content across the Web via Taboola. Headlines such as “The Best Thing Since the French Kiss,” “Dear Bacon, Your Move,” and “3 Things You Didn’t Know About Storing Cheese” engage users to connect with content that is both educational and… well, cheesy!


CheeseRank’s content is separated into several categories – Reviews (in which different cheeses are given an official ranking and a description of 140 characters or less), Education (humor combined with actual cheese knowledge), and Find Cheese, a virtual database to help users identify the perfect cheese for their upcoming party, meal, or special occasion.



We’ve identified a few best practices that CheeseRank is doing very well:

  • Problem-Solving:  Identifying problems that CheeseRank’s audience may have is key to creating content that will interest them. For example, content like “This Is the Easiest Appetizer You’re Not Making” helps party planners who are  time-pressed and “The One Blue Cheese That Even The Pickiest Eaters Can Appreciate” helps cooks prepare for finicky family members or guests.
  • Humor: CheeseRank is not your average cheese education website. Headlines with phrases like “Ramen-pocalyse” and “Cut the Cheese” prove that these cheese connoisseurs/ editors are not taking themselves too seriously and we love that. The site’s tone is casual and entertaining, which makes learning about cheese extra fun. Hilarious headlines + witty articles = very shareable content.


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