Taboola Case Study: Solar Energy Company Enrolls Over 1K Sustainable Homes With Discovery

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In recent years, technological advances around solar energy have lowered panel prices to a more affordable threshold, and many homeowners are beginning to consider residential installations that enable them to take control over their energy consumption. This exciting new market has attracted companies from around the world, including both existing energy utilities and disruptive startups. But marketing the panels can prove difficult as only certain types of houses and geographical locations are suitable for implementations.

This summer, Taboola partnered with a solar energy company based in New Zealand to boost its customer acquisition efforts throughout the country. The collaboration targeted audiences located in the Greater Auckland Area, directed users to a landing page that gathered information about their house type, and ultimately enrolled eligible prospects to consider equipping their homes for a sustainable future.

We published a case study of Taboola’s work with the company, including some of the below key highlights:

  • Taboola’s advanced targeting led to a 10 percent average conversion rate from users that clicked through to the company’s website
  • Ongoing campaign optimizations enabled the company to reach an average CPA of $2.70 per new lead and achieve greater scale across the Taboola network
  • Throughout the campaign, Taboola generated over 1,000 new sign-ups and leads for the New Zealand-based solar energy company

Check out the full write-up — along with our other case studies, data sheets, webinars, videos, and ebooks — on the Taboola resources page.

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