Taboola Case Study: Plated Uses Content to Turn Aspirational Foodies Into Subscribers

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Unlike traditional forms of advertising (e.g. billboards, banner ads), content has the unique ability to educate consumers about a new product or service through in-depth storytelling. Having experimented with an array of online promotion strategies, digital upstart Plated — which empowers foodies to cook chef-designed recipes at home — learned that content often drove the most knowledgeable and interested consumers to its website.

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Taboola partnered with Plated to promote its unique story on premium publisher websites around the web, matching its branded content and positive third-party media coverage with relevant audiences that were steeped in “content consumption” mode. The highly cost-effective campaign generated a significant boost in Plated’s new customer sign-ups, and we published a case study detailing the results.

Key highlights include:

  1. Plated achieved a 75 percent drop in CPA (cost-per-acquisition) on Taboola through rigorous A/B testing and optimization.
  2. With Taboola, Plated generated over 1 billion impressions in January 2015 alone (and is soon expected to reach over 2 billion monthly impressions).
  3. Plated’s focus on conversions led to a 12 percent boost in new customer sign-ups and over 3.5 million clicks since promoting its story on Taboola’s network.

Check out the full write-up (including imagery) — along with our other case studies, data sheets, webinars, videos, and ebooks — on the Taboola resources page.

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