Taboola Case Study: Discovery Tops AdWords as Most Effective Lead-Gen Channel for Grou

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As the effectiveness of online “push” advertisements continues to wane, there is a surge of new interest around inbound marketing methods. Content has proven to be a powerful way of attracting and engaging new customers, and software companies like Hubspot are building platforms that help companies manage and optimize lead generation throughout the entire customer decision process.

Based in México, inbound marketing agency Grou works with clients around Latin America on incorporating these new methods into their overall marketing strategies. Following its own best practices, Grou began building out its company blog with actionable tips for marketers and insights derived from successful case studies. The company encountered limited success promoting its services across search and social channels, but after partnering with Taboola, discovery soon emerged as the most effective lead-gen channel.

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We recently published a case study featuring Taboola’s work with Grou, including some of the below key highlights:

  • Discovery generated more high-quality leads, more quickly, than any other promotion channel (including LinkedIn, Twitter and AdWords)
  • Taboola’s contextual targeting boosted Grou’s average conversion rate to nearly 10%, reaching as high as 30-70% on select days
  • Grou plans to recommend discovery to its roster of clients throughout Latin America

Check out the full write-up (in both English and Spanish) — along with our other case studies, data sheets, webinars, videos, and ebooks — on the Taboola resources page.

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