As we officially step into 2016, I can’t think of a better way to kick off the year than with one of our most exciting partnerships since we started Taboola.

Announcing our partnership with MSN.

Today, we’re announcing a multi-year strategic partnership with MSN, owned by Microsoft, one of the most innovative technology companies in the world. Given the latest numbers from comScore, which named Taboola the largest content discovery platform in the world — reaching 750 million people, and generating over a billion clicks, every month — this partnership is the largest-ever “global native” deal of its kind, reaching 50 international markets and spanning 24 different languages.

Our collaboration with Microsoft will leverage Taboola’s full discovery platform, including:

  • Taboola Newsroom — An advanced A/B testing solution that empowers editors with actionable data around what story headlines, thumbnails, and placements generate the maximum engagement.
  • Taboola Native — Allowing marketers to reach MSN users through premium and high-impact placements across the homepage, section fronts, and article pages.
  • Taboola Full Page PersonalizationA way for MSN to create customized designs of their entire site based on real-time data, tailored for each audience segment.
  • Taboola Audience Exchange — Enabling publishers to recommend content, products, and services from other sites and partners.

Some examples of the unique initiatives we’re collaborating on include using Taboola’s predictive technology to promote Windows 10 upgrades to current Windows 7/8 users, as well as recommending desktop apps and products from the Windows Store that MSN users might like and find useful.

This is a game-changing partnership for the global “native” market, and we look forward to working with the MSN team on realizing the full potential of our combined platforms, driving substantial gains in audience growth, engagement, and monetization, and connecting more people around the world with content and products they may like but never knew existed.

Microsoft is a big company, but we’ve learned over the past year that they can move as fast as a startup from Tel-Aviv, and we look forward to all that we can create together. Exciting times.

To learn more about the partnership, please read the full press release here.

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