Spur: “Vans, and Sol Republic See 4.5x Social Uplift from Taboola’s Users” [VIDEO]

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This past month, the Taboola had the pleasure of spending time with one of our favorite agency partners Spur and The Rooster Agency in their HQ in downtown NYC (read about them here on AdWeek).

Spur’s innovation around content creation and distribution has led them to work with some of the most cutting edge consumer brands in the country, such as Sol Republic and Vans. These brands create high quality content that lives on channels such as YouTube and http://offthewall.tv/  

The Content Marketing industry is changing fast; top brands and publishers are leveraging their own content to establish deep relationships with relevant audiences.

We learned some amazing things from what Sol Republic and Vans had to share with Spur and us. Adam Singolda, our Founder & CEO, and Ryan Deheny, who heads up Spur, had a nice chat about the power of connecting people with content they may love.

Feel free to check out the video below, and here are 3 key learnings with regards to what Brands are looking for when distributing content:

  1. Scale – ability to reach a large audience within a certain time frame
  2. Quality – content consumption is just the beginning. In reality, the goal is to not only build an audience, but the right audience.  
  3. Transparency – who are those users, what sites are they coming from, etc. 

Taboola offers an invitation based, native experience, connecting people with content they may like. We serve 2.5B recommendations every day to nearly 250M people a month to surface our content providers’ stories. Of course, having a cat professor helps tell the story too 🙂

See Sol Republic’s story here and enjoy; Thanks again to Ryan and the team at Spur and team Rooster for the opportunity to work together on this !

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