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Q1 is always the time to reflect on the previous year. Since we made some recommendations about holiday content in a blog post in November, I thought it would be interesting to review performance of all of our holiday-related content from the end of Q413.

I looked at headlines that contained five top key words/phrases:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Hanukkah/Chanukah
  • Christmas
  • Holiday
  • New Years

I am pretty excited to see some gift guides on this list after our November post!


The main takeaway for me is that food is popular during the holidays. We saw a lot of recipe content around both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Here’s my take on some of our other top food headlines:

Make An Untraditional Holiday Treat for Everyone!

The use of “untraditional” evokes wonder to a user and they’ll click to discover the unique treat.

10 Creative Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Lists resonate well with users because they already know that the content is finite and easy to digest (pun intended!) and they’ll click to see the list in a bulleted or slideshow format.

First Time Roasting A Holiday Turkey? Here’s How To Do It Right

Asking questions (especially those that refer to a weakness or challenge) draws a user’s attention and they’ll click to learn the answer.

This year, make sure you develop your headlines and content to align with holidays, seasons, and large-scale events like the Academy Awards and the Olympics. For more information about how you can use Taboola to share your content with a wide audience and drive traffic back to your site, click here.

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