As cute as macaroni art and papier-mâché projects made by the kiddos can be, this Father’s Day, make sure dad gets something he really wants — by creating a marketing campaign fathers can’t wait to forward to their loved ones.

Brands can bank on a streamlined Father’s Day strategy with help from our handy dandy Father’s Day Marketing Checklist, which guarantees success (when implemented correctly) with the following steps:

  1. Research Your Market Opportunity
  2. Read Up on News Trends
  3. Gather Examples of News Articles
  4. Implement Creative Best Practices
  5. Create Healthy Headlines
  6. Engage the Right Audience

The National Retail Federation (NRF) has been conducting its annual Father’s Day survey with Prosper Insights & Analytics since 2003 to see how Americans celebrate dad on his special day. According to NRF’s survey, 75% of consumers plan to celebrate Father’s Day this year. That’s a whole lot of opportunity for brands!

It’s no surprise to see greeting cards and special outings are the top three gift purchases; however, dad is becoming far more sophisticated. We’re not saying dad isn’t interested in a family get-together. Still, your brand may want to consider dad’s interest in personal care and care for his possessions, including tools for grooming, car accessories, and the latest tech gadgets.

To get a better read on dad, we pulled Taboola U.S. editorial news data on consumer categories from November 2020 through April 2021 to see which news topics are driving the most traffic across the Open Web.

While the above news trends may seem pretty obvious and male-centric, it’s reassuring to see dad’s interests haven’t wavered or changed, so the campaign you’re planning should have a long shelf-life.

Next step, align your marketing campaign with relevant content for dad. With Taboola, you can build, distribute, and target your ads to connect with users who are consuming Father’s Day content.

Pop knows best when it comes to what’s clickable! Insert your desired category into Taboola Trends to check out real-time data and insights about which images and videos may show the best results for your Father’s Day media campaign.

No more educated guesses on what dad likes best! Though we are shocked to see that indoor sports images have a 56% higher CTR…

Let’s continue to apply Taboola tools to the headlines of your ads. Test which headlines we predict will have the highest CTR using Taboola’s Title Analyzer. Dad will be glad you did.

Once you’ve baited your creative for action, it’s time to tackle the right audiences. According to our data, these targeting best practices for the U.S. in the “Family” category can get your Father’s Day campaign suited up.

  • Maximize Your Campaign Conversions with Smart Bid: Starting from a baseline campaign bid which you input, Smart Bid uses historic network data to automatically optimize your bids, per impression, according to how likely they are to drive conversions at scale.
  • Distribute Campaigns Across Mobile Devices: Father’s Day advertisers may find it ideal to reach customers on mobile devices, where the competition is low, and engagement is high.
  • Test a CTA Button for a +15% CVR Lift: A call to action (CTA) Button is a creative add-on available to increase conversion performance of campaigns across Taboola. The call to action appears as a button alongside your creative and is designed to catch users’ attention and drive them towards a specific post-click action based on the campaign KPI. For more pageviews, consider “Learn More” or “Read More.” For purchases, utilize “Get Offer,” “Learn More,” or “Shop Now,” or “Try Now.”

Congratulations! Your marketing campaign is now set up for a lucrative Father’s Day. We look forward to seeing how your brand will implement Taboola’s best practices. And send our best to your dad’s!

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