Brand awareness can seem nebulous and enigmatic, but it isn’t that difficult to define. It refers to how people recognize and remember your business and it employs a range of strategies across a span of industries. How to measure brand awareness, however, is not always so simple to explain.

This is why case studies of successful brand awareness examples are so helpful. They show you which brand awareness strategies worked for others and highlight techniques that could work for your business too.

Taboola is a content discovery platform with a wealth of brand awareness case studies to inspire you. Here is a treasury of our best. It encompasses video and article campaigns and industries as diverse as fashion to finance, technology to travel.

These brand awareness case studies are organized by these objectives:

  • Building brand recognition — generating brand awareness to promote products, expand audiences, increase viewability, and build brand affinity.
  • Increasing engagement — generating brand awareness to drive clicks, website traffic, sign-ups, and leads.
  • Scaling content — generating brand awareness to get more eyes on valuable content, such as blog posts, articles, and videos.
  • Driving conversions and sales — generating brand awareness to lead audiences to convert, become high-quality leads, and complete purchases.

Search through these brand awareness case studies, learn from these successful campaigns, and find the strategies that should work best for your brand-awareness objectives.

Build Brand Recognition



AIG partnered with Taboola

Leading global insurance organization, American International Group, Inc. (AIG), wanted to educate consumers about its mortgage insurance options and potential savings. AIG partnered with Taboola to distribute videos across our network of premium publishers. Its campaign reached 400,000 people and uplifted purchase intent by 30% in just 30 days. After this campaign launched, AIG found that 50% of people who made a purchase had started their buyer journey via Taboola.

Ferratum Bank

Ferratum Bank worked with Taboola

Ferratum Bank, a new mobile banking service, needed to acquire new customers in a competitive finance market. The bank worked with Taboola to distribute blog content promoting its services. This brand awareness campaign reached 155 million people and generated over 74,000 clicks in six months, doubling Ferratum Bank’s website traffic.


Global Fast-Food Brand

A globally recognized fast-food chain, with over 15,000 locations, wanted to promote its new burger to a worldwide audience. The brand partnered with Taboola to distribute a branded-video series about the product. The result was a 58% video completion rate and 68% viewability — outperforming every other distribution platform.


Plated conduct A/B testing

Plated, a meal-delivery startup, wanted to expand its customer reach outside of its usual acquisition channels of social, search, and display. The brand leveraged Taboola’s technology to conduct A/B testing with the aim of finding the best content to share. As a result, Plated generated 1 billion impressions and 3.5 million clicks. The brand also saw a 12% increase in new member sign-ups, contributing to its performance-marketing goals.

Health on Taboola’s discovery network, an online leader in the hearing-aid industry, wanted to reach a targeted, niche audience at scale and drive traffic back to its site. By launching content on Taboola’s discovery network, saw its traffic increase ten-fold in two years and it successfully launched in three new markets.



Whirlpool spread brand awareness With Taboola’s discovery platform

Whirlpool, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home appliances, wanted to spread brand awareness in India through informative blog posts. With Taboola’s discovery platform, Whirlpool reached its target market, driving 20 million website visits in two months and more than 24,000 clicks.


The Jakarta Post

The Jakarta Post, a leading English-language daily newspaper in Indonesia, wanted to increase its readership outside of social media. The publisher used Taboola’s discovery platform to promote organic content, driving a 6% increase in monthly readers. Now, Taboola generates 7% of all monthly traffic, demonstrating the importance of brand awareness campaigns.


Samsung Life

Taboola ran native ads for Samsung Life

Samsung Life, Samsung’s insurance services arm, needed a new way to reach insurance customers and promote three of its products. The brand partnered with Taboola to drive an increase in brand awareness on a limited marketing budget. Taboola ran native ads for Samsung Life articles, helping people discover the brand. This drove over 13,000 new insurance quotes in six months.


The Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism

Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism using Taboola’s branded video platform

The Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism wanted to improve brand favorability by targeting U.S. travelers with promotional video content. After using Taboola’s branded video platform, the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism achieved an 18.9% increase in brand favorability, as measured through an email survey. According to analytics partner Millward Brown, that’s 17.7 points higher than the industry average.

International Airline

This best-in-class global airline wanted to expand its brand recognition through native video content. The airline partnered with the Taboola discovery platform to get its video in front of the right audiences. As a result, the brand increased video viewability by 80% and exceeded its brand awareness objectives with 40% completion rates.

38 Case Studies From Brands That Have Succeeded With Taboola

Increase Engagement


Major U.S. Auto Brand

A major car manufacturer and distributor needed to increase brand recall and purchase intent for its new product model. The brand used Taboola’s content discovery platform to distribute its videos across premium publishers’ websites. As a result, the auto company increased video click-through-rate (CTR) by 27%, saw a whopping 74% viewability rate, and drove over 10,000 test drive sign-ups.


Avocados from Mexico

Avocados from Mexico use Taboola's predictive technology

Avocados from Mexico, a non-profit, wanted to build brand awareness and increase website traffic on the open web. Taboola used predictive technology to target prospects at the exact time they were open to discovering something new. As a result, the company exceeded expectations for web traffic and increased leads by over 14%.



SolarQuotes's blog posts promotion

SolarQuotes, a solar energy resource for homeowners in Australia, wanted to scale and diversify its customer acquisition by improving website traffic. It partnered with Taboola to promote blog posts across premium publisher sites inside and outside of Australia. The outcome? A 100% increase in website traffic.


Secret Escapes

Taboola performs better than display-advertising channels

Secret Escapes, a members-only travel company, needed to target audiences and raise CTRs to its website content. Using the Taboola discovery platform to reach audiences across the web, Secret Escapes saw a 288% increase in CTR in just three months. The company even found that consumers arriving from Taboola were 31% more valuable than those arriving from display-advertising channels.

Scale Content



Imagination boost clients’ campaigns

Imagination, a full-service content-marketing agency, was eager to boost return on investment (ROI) for clients’ campaigns. The agency leveraged Taboola’s discovery network to promote website content and boost brand awareness. For one financial services client, Imagination generated more than 300 million impressions and 328,000 clicks, providing more scale and efficiency than Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns.



Boxed promote Today Show TV clip through native advertising

E-commerce site received media coverage on NBC’s The Today Show, and wanted to further increase its brand awareness online. Boxed worked with Taboola to promote this Today Show TV clip through native advertising. The brand generated over 1,400 sales and a 3.18% increase in conversions from that one video.


The Line

The Line promotes content by Taboola

The Line, an online boutique, wanted to expand its brand awareness beyond word-of-mouth recommendations and email marketing. The company leveraged Taboola’s content discovery platform to promote its original content. As a result, the brand generated 72 million impressions in three months and saw a 100% increase in website traffic. Oh, and that email subscriber list? It also grew by 12%.

Drive Conversions and Sales



Pandora's conversions increased by 130%

Jewelry company Pandora needed to build its brand among a new audience in France. The brand used the Taboola discovery platform to drive quality traffic to its website. It worked. Pandora tapped into this new market with its content and filled the top of the funnel, eventually driving a 130% increase in conversions.



Bombfell used Taboola to build brand awareness

Bombfell, a personal-styling service for men, used Taboola’s discovery platform to build brand awareness and scale its audience. The result was a 48% increase in website traffic and a massive 960% jump in mobile conversions, proving that brand awareness campaigns can drive ROI.



Parship, one of Europe’s biggest online dating services, needed to scale its audience and increase new, high-quality users. After distributing its landing pages through Taboola’s publisher network, Parship quickly increased its CTR by 113% and conversions by 80%.

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