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24 September 2014

Last week, Taboolars from our London office competed against programmatic advertising platform company, Pubmatic, in a soccer showdown of epic proportions. Shifting their focus from ad tech to football, the teams kicked off in Old Street, London. Both sides of the field impressed onlookers with their fancy footwork, colorful jerseys, and speed across the green. Taboola quickly took the lead, scoring a goal from the get-go as pressure mounted on Pubmatic.  Soon after, Pubmatic shot a strong kick and tied things up.  Taboola fought back by scoring a few more goals. To fans watching from the sidelines, it felt as though Pubmatic was bracing for a fierce comeback but in the end, Taboola closed the game out for a 5-2 win. Think your London tech firm has what it takes to defeat Taboola’s football team? Contact us today to arrange a match! 

11 September 2014

This week, Taboola attended Content Marketing World in Cleveland, OH. With over 2,500 visitors from 50 different countries, it’s fair to say we managed to get a pretty broad picture of where content marketing is today, and where it’s headed. After two days and dozens of speakers, one thing became very clear: In a conference that’s all about telling stories, data and analytics became the stars of the show. Well – them and Kevin Spacey. Whether they were talking about brand awareness, lead generation, B2B marketing, content discovery, or anything else, measurement and analytics were the buzzwords in every presentation, and even during cocktail hour. Though KPIs and benchmarks may not seem like something to discuss over a martini while listening to a Beatles cover band, the audience at Content Marketing World were quick to chat about emerging technologies and how they are making it easier than ever for content […]

18 August 2014

Well, it finally happened. Today, I took the Ice Bucket Challenge in response to several of my friends and colleagues who requested I “pack myself with ice.”  I’m excited to have this opportunity to help raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s Disease and to donate to ALS. I’m hereby challenging the following people: The entire Taboola office – This includes all of our global offices in New York City, Pasadena, London, Tel Aviv, and Bangkok Victoria Monsul of the Wall Street Journal Our good friend, Jo Ling Kent of FOX Business …and I know this is breaking the rules but I’m also challenging Louis CK. If you’re out there and you read this, Louis, it’s time we meet for coffee or a drink. You all have 24 hours to comply and/or donate $100 to ALS Research. Good luck! UPDATE: Some Taboolars have stepped up and accepted Adam’s challenge. Our New York City […]

17 August 2014

At Taboola, we’re huge believers in talent over experience. Of course, experience has its place, but you simply can’t beat passion, the drive to succeed and god given talent. Time and again, our interns and employees fresh from college have proven that to be a fact. One such case is Roni Yahav who started at Taboola as a part-time analyst while he was working towards a degree in Computer Science and Environmental Studies. He made such a strong impression on us that we offered him to join the team as a full-time employee when he graduated. Last week, as he moved on to the next step in his career, and he shared with us how much the two years he spent with Taboola meant to him in the most creative, inspiring way. Roni asked his mother, Ilana Yahav, a world renowned artist who works with sand and her hands to […]

14 August 2014

Peanut butter is to jelly as crackers are to… CHEESE! With that obvious pairing in mind, a few snack cracker experts went on a mission to “spread” their wealth of information about cheese to the world. See what I did there? Enter “CheeseRank,” a website dedicated to all things queso. Like bacon, cheese is generally loved by most and some people even crave cheese products to the point of obsession. Mac ‘n’ cheese, fried cheese, cheese crumble… how can you go wrong with anything oozing of cheese? As CheeseRank so eloquently professes, “a world without cheese is a very dark and disturbing place.” CheeseRank is currently sharing its valuable content across the Web via Taboola. Headlines such as “The Best Thing Since the French Kiss,” “Dear Bacon, Your Move,” and “3 Things You Didn’t Know About Storing Cheese” engage users to connect with content that is both educational and… well, cheesy! CheeseRank’s content […]

4 August 2014

Seven years ago, we started Taboola, believing that there would be times when we will be overwhelmed with information. Search engines would remain efficient when we know what we are looking for, while in other times, recommendations of different types would help us curate experiences we may like but never knew existed. Our vision was and remains to build a new category, side by side to Search, called Discovery. Instead of people looking for information, have information look for people. Think of everything you could find using a search engine, and then imagine the process in reverse; we envision a world where information is personalized and recommended to you at the right place, and at the right time. Predicting what people may like and never knew existed is no easy task. We spent the first 4.5 years focusing just on cracking the code on how to recommend videos. Then, leveraging […]

29 July 2014

This week’s Taboola Think Tank kicks off with The Onion, which along with its sister site The A.V. Club, reaches more than 11 million unique visitors every month.

8 July 2014

“Native advertising” has been a buzzword for over a year, as journalists, marketers, agencies, and publishers continue to be mesmerized by its power to drive brand awareness and engagement. So, we decided to ask a couple of experts in the publishing industry for their take on native advertising.

12 June 2014

In our April blog post about digital video, we discussed the growing need for online video marketing and how to measure success. Once you’ve determined which metrics are the most important to quantify, the next step is to decide what type of video content would best suit your business or brand.

27 May 2014

Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the last few years, you know content is king and content marketing is the new black. Good content is incredibly effective. 

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