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Dec 16, 2014

Leaves have fallen, the air is brisk, and retailers are dreaming of a holly-jolly shopping season. Although the countdown to Christmas is well underway, there’s still time for retailers to capitalize on all of the opportunities they now have to reach consumers this holiday season. Leveraging Content To Drive Sales Consumers often ignore traditional advertising and brands are now tasked with creating innovative ways to engage their audiences. One way marketers are achieving this is by creating immersive, content-driven ecommerce experiences. In fact, more than half of consumers are more likely to buy products or services from companies that have custom content. Developing a content strategy around what your audience finds the most interesting is key. Think about what type of information they will find the most useful, questions they may be asking, and any challenges they are facing this time of year that you can help try to solve. […]

Nov 20, 2014

In the past year, we have seen content consumption on smartphone increase by 43 percent across Taboola’s network. In the next months we anticipate a further increase in mobile consumption, and a passing of the 50 percent mark. The world is going (or has gone) mobile, which is why we decided to share some of our best practices from across our network to make sure you are set up to monetize your mobile traffic effectively.   Mobile-responsive website design is the norm. Of the top-hundred sites ranked by Alexa, 89 percent have adopted a responsive website design. Responsive design has become the rule, not the exception for high-traffic websites. Users report increased trust and likeliness to spend time on-site with adaptability to mobile. Use the full width. Vertical content recommendation layout increases performance by more than 30 percent compared to a grid layout. Taboola’s Research and Development Team found that presenting […]

Oct 30, 2014

This past June, I had the pleasure of speaking to an audience full of visionaries, technologists, and budding entrepreneurs at the 2014 LDV Vision Summit in New York City to chat about visual technology and digital innovation. Beyond having a great audience, the event also included some industry experts such as Betsy Morgan of TheBlaze, Tobias Peggs of Aviary, and Magnet Media’s Megan Cunningham among other speakers. Big thanks to Evan Nisselson of LDV Capital and Becca of Cake-Works for having me take part in the event.

Oct 28, 2014

In today’s digital age, building and sustaining a brand’s customer base online continues to be a formidable challenge for many companies regardless of their size. Brands are slowly but surely moving in the direction of becoming stand-alone publishers, producing high-quality content to engage, educate, and even entertain users in the hopes that they will consider becoming a customer. One such company that is knocking it out of the ballpark in terms of content marketing is Intel. With articles like “Can Tablets Change the Automotive Game?” and “Internet Killed the Video Star: Mobile Apps Redefine the Album Experience,” Intel’s digital magazine called iQ has built an array of high-quality content about living in a technological world, ranging from fashion to sports, gaming, health, and beyond. The result is a highly engaging hub of content that resonates with users and speaks to a new generation of tech spenders. I had the pleasure […]

Oct 21, 2014

There are over 5M pieces of content currently promoted through our content discovery platform, and thousands of brands running content campaigns. It’s fair to say that we’ve pretty much seen it all, and on the way learned a thing or two about what makes people click and engage across our platform. Garnering clicks and engagement is not an exact science. Fads can come and go. But over time, we’ve managed to figure out specific things that work better than others. We decided to create an infographic chock full of highlights, so that if you decide to set up a sponsored content campaign, you’ll have a few simple tips in your back pocket to help put your content front and center so it gets noticed by just the right people. Click the thumbnail below to see the full infographic.

Oct 20, 2014

What should I pack in my labor and delivery bag? Are baby pacifiers dangerous? How can I stop my kids from fighting? These are just some of the numerous questions swimming through the brains of both moms and dads that Bundoo, a unique parenting website, tackles. Part medical advice/ part community, Bundoo has successfully created a new, comprehensive digital hub for parents and childcare professionals to connect, share, and learn. Bundoo helps attract readers to their website via Taboola’s content discovery platform which shares their high-quality content with parents across a network of premium websites. “In comparison with other advertising platforms we use to promote Bundoo content, Taboola’s traffic quality wins,” says Stephanie Winans, COO at Bundoo. “With a bounce rate 22% lower than other content discovery platforms, more time on site and pages per visit, our visitors from Taboola are some of our most engaged.” Headlines like “Birth Order: Character […]

Oct 13, 2014

For the past seven years, I have been privileged to work with an amazing team of individuals dedicated to our vision of connecting people to information they may like and never knew existed. With nearly half of our company based in Tel Aviv building and enhancing our technology, I’m proud to say that Deloitte, one of the leading professional service firms in the world, recently ranked Taboola as the fastest growing technology company in Israel. This recognition underscores our team’s commitment to innovation and we are grateful to Deloitte for acknowledging our hard work and recent growth. I look forward to the next seven years.

Sep 29, 2014

You’ve created the most spectacular, engaging content in the world and you just know it will resonate with your target audience, but how do you reach those people? “If you build it, they will come” just doesn’t apply to content marketing. Publishing content is simply not enough to attract the right people to consume your content and hopefully take action. If you’re like the millions of marketers out there who are rethinking their advertising strategies, then you’re contemplating whether or not to work with a content discovery platform. The question is: With the array of choices on the market, how do you best select a platform that will help you achieve your goals? In our recently published Content Discovery Guide, we created a checklist of key aspects you should consider when choosing a content discovery solution. Quality of Publisher Network – Where exactly does the recommendation widget appear? Do the […]

Sep 24, 2014

Last week, Taboolars from our London office competed against programmatic advertising platform company, Pubmatic, in a soccer showdown of epic proportions. Shifting their focus from ad tech to football, the teams kicked off in Old Street, London. Both sides of the field impressed onlookers with their fancy footwork, colorful jerseys, and speed across the green. Taboola quickly took the lead, scoring a goal from the get-go as pressure mounted on Pubmatic.  Soon after, Pubmatic shot a strong kick and tied things up.  Taboola fought back by scoring a few more goals. To fans watching from the sidelines, it felt as though Pubmatic was bracing for a fierce comeback but in the end, Taboola closed the game out for a 5-2 win. Think your London tech firm has what it takes to defeat Taboola’s football team? Contact us today to arrange a match! 

Sep 11, 2014

This week, Taboola attended Content Marketing World in Cleveland, OH. With over 2,500 visitors from 50 different countries, it’s fair to say we managed to get a pretty broad picture of where content marketing is today, and where it’s headed. After two days and dozens of speakers, one thing became very clear: In a conference that’s all about telling stories, data and analytics became the stars of the show. Well – them and Kevin Spacey. Whether they were talking about brand awareness, lead generation, B2B marketing, content discovery, or anything else, measurement and analytics were the buzzwords in every presentation, and even during cocktail hour. Though KPIs and benchmarks may not seem like something to discuss over a martini while listening to a Beatles cover band, the audience at Content Marketing World were quick to chat about emerging technologies and how they are making it easier than ever for content […]

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