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Our team found that Taboola outperformed search in driving new TV sales for a leading US consumer electronics company during the holidays.
If you’re running a sponsored content campaign, it’s vital that you make every interaction count once those users arrive at your intended landing page.
Every ad that runs on a site serves different goals. The advertiser’s goal is to generate sales; the publisher’s goal is to generate revenue.
One of the best ways to make your marketing campaign pop is to include content created by customers, whether it’s a tweet praising your company, an attractive Instagram photo featuring your product, or a positive review on someone’s personal blog. Not only does user-generated content (UGC) save money that you would have otherwise spent to […]
Taboola was very excited to sponsor the recent Hacktech Hackathon at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA.
Kimberly Lau, GM at The Atlantic Digital, joins us in the Taboola Think Tank to discuss the opportunities and challenges across today’s digital landscape.
Outstream video could be the key to raiding the vault of television ad budgets that the video industry has been lusting for.
Of the variety of metrics used to gauge a site's performance, pages per session gives you a great perspective into how your site is engaging your audience.
Video: ConvertMedia CEO, Yoav Naveh, joined Beet.TV’s panel, discussing the definition of Outstream and the opportunities for advertisers and publishers.
According to ad legend David Oglivy, five times as many people are likely to read the headline of an article or advert than the content it introduces.
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