Photo caption: Ning Ning Yu (Left) and Tawainese Vice President Lai Ching-te (Right), taken after the Huangan Award Ceremony

I first met Ning Ning six years ago when she joined the Taboola family as a part of our Perfect Market acquisition. When you meet Ning Ning you immediately sense the magic, she always makes you feel like nothing is impossible, and that every dream is a dream worth pursuing—and also possible.

Ning Ning incubated our Taboola Newsroom product out of our LA R&D team. They started by focusing on our publisher partner’s editorial teams and the future success of journalism using AI, data, insights, real-time testing of creatives and more. The team now provides further readership trends and insights to our global media partners.

Editorial teams didn’t know what was coming their way—it was Ning Ning, her engineering and product management team, and an endless amount of energy that made a positive impact on the future of the open web, free internet, and quality journalism.

Last week, Ning Ning won the Huangan Award, and received it from the President of Taiwan. I’m not surprised. Ning Ning is a superstar—an Avenger even. Ning-ning’s superpower is believing anything is possible, encouraging everyone around her to believe it too. Her superpower is acknowledged not only by us Taboolars (her geeky family), but around the world.

The Huangan Award is given to the world’s top ten outstanding Chinese business women by the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women.

Ning Ning was recognized for her acumen in business strategy, her ability to build a high-quality corporate culture, her large investment in social welfare and rave reviews from her colleagues.

As a recipient of this award, she acts as a model for global Chinese business women and all leaders in tech. I know she will make more target contributions to the world economy and trade, women’s rights, and social welfare.

We’re so excited that she was honored in this way as a business superstar, a Taboolar, and a global leader.

I’m proud to be on team Ning Ning, as we all are—Tabooola and the rest of the world.

I know she will continue to do great things, and we look forward to discovering what Ning Ning will achieve next.

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