What do AMAs (Ask Me Anything), wholesome memes and Game of Thrones fan theories have in common? They all get their start on Reddit, gain traction through conversation among the Reddit user base, and spread to other social and news channels from there.

With more than 330M monthly active users, 9M monthly post submissions and 2.5M comments per day, it can be overwhelming for major news organizations to follow and contribute to the conversation—but not anymore.

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We recently partnered with Reddit to integrate real-time insights for publishers into Taboola Newsroom.

“Because our engaged user base is often the first to start meaningful conversations about news online, we anticipate the Taboola partnership will be extremely valuable for editors and newsrooms looking to uncover content trends and track the resonance of their own content within Reddit communities.”

–  Alex Riccomini, Director of Business Development and Media Partnerships at Reddit.

Reddit, better known as the front page of the internet, is a powerful platform to track what the internet is talking about at any moment—especially for publishers interested in identifying trends and engaging in meaningful conversation around their content.

The Reddit community is built around users submitting, voting and commenting on content, stories and discussions about various topics. It’s home to easily the most authentic conversations on the internet.

“Reddit is known as the source of breaking news and trending topics with billions of monthly page views, hundreds of millions of monthly comments and 330 million monthly active users,” Riccomini said.

As a listening tool for web trends, it’s invaluable. Thanks to our integration, publisher editorial teams with Newsroom will no longer have to leave their dashboard to stay on top of these trends.

Instead, they’ll get alerts when their stories are trending on Reddit and will have the ability to seamlessly participate through the Newsroom platform in threads that are related.

Newsroom exists so publishers can stay on top of web trends as they happen.

newsroom reddit

Newsroom is an analytical tool that keeps editorial teams on top of trends—we give them actionable data about how their stories perform and we analyze their headlines and thumbnail performance in real-time.

Now, with our Reddit integration, when conversations and engagement about a publisher’s content start trending on Reddit, they’ll be able to see, respond and tap into the thread directly from Newsroom.

“Data was a fad for a long time, people spent more money on it than they earned. We now have an opportunity to use data in an actionable way, and drive growth to our business and to our customers. We are thrilled to enrich editors with invaluable insights about stories and readers.”

“Our partnership with Reddit marks an important step in this journey, enabling our publisher partners using Newsroom to pick up a conversation in real time and participate in it.”

–  Adam Singolda, founder and CEO, Taboola.

The integration has already turned out to be valuable for Newsroom customers—a recent story about Heisman trophy contenders was published by a leading news site, and generated hundreds of comments and upvotes on Reddit.

Newsroom was able to alert the publisher that the thread was gaining traction, and the social editor and reporter for that publication were able to participate in the conversation as it was happening.

Real-time response like this is invaluable for the editors as they stay on top of the conversations around their stories. We look forward to the insights this Reddit integration will bring for Newsroom customers, and the success it will help bring our publisher partners.

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