We recently launched our biggest and best product yet with the New York Daily News, bringing a social scrolling experience to the open web. It’s biggest feature—video.

With Taboola Feed comes a powerful video solution for advertisers.

It is our goal to provide the best and safest environment for advertisers to run branding campaigns in a video format; by bringing new video supply to premium publisher sites in our feed environment, we are going to do just that.

Taboola Feed is a continuous scrolling experience presented at the end of the article, in-feed. We’ve chosen to focus this space because we have proven it busts banner blindness and captures user attention—not just for sponsored content, but for video too. Videos that appear at the end of an article—in-feed—have already shown promising viewability and completion rate numbers.

This is why you want an in-feed video unit.

Our video units at the bottom of the article are working so well because the mindset of someone at the bottom of an article is different—they’re looking for what is next, unlike a person who is still actively consuming content. They’re ready to discover something new, and are more likely to click on a relevant piece of content or to pay attention to sponsored video.

native taboola video

This “discovery mindset” coupled with the structure of Taboola Feed makes it easy to find success at every stage of your marketing funnel. Adding high impact, in-feed video into our suite of advertiser tools arms you with another tool for powerful brand awareness campaigns.

Taboola has always been results-oriented. We will continue to support open transparency about where your videos are running and what your opportunities are—in fact, we’re on board with the recent ads.txt initiative, and are now TAG certified.

This international airline used Taboola Video and saw powerful viewability metrics.

native taboola video

We recently worked with a global advertising agency on behalf of an international airline to promote their video content natively.

With a completion rate of over 40% for a 45 second video, the campaign performed well above Facebook where only 22% of viewers finish an entire 30 second video on average, according to eMarketer.

The viewability metrics for their videos were very high, above 80%—videos were targeted in all countries except the US.

“We needed a way to promote our international airline brand’s video content natively, and then we found Taboola.

Their video capabilities have helped us boost our video effectively, but also have given us the opportunity to reach a broad audience for our global ad campaign in a user-friendly ad format.”

— Digital Media Executive, Leading International Marketing Agency

The international airline was looking to make a bigger impact with their brand, and they succeeded—while looking for a native solution, their advertising agency was thrilled with their choice of Taboola as an alternative to in-stream.

This is how you can get started.

You can run video campaigns in two ways using Taboola—we offer both personal, managed services as well as programmatic video through our partners.

Managed Service

With our managed services, you’ll work directly with an account manager and account executive to plan, deliver and optimize for your campaign goals.


Through programmatic, you can work with the biggest global demand-side platforms like The Trade Desk and AppNexus to run branded video campaigns via open exchange or private marketplace deals on our network.

Regardless of how you work with us, the benefits of Taboola Video are the same:

  • Exclusive Inventory: our placements are hard-coded on publishers’ sites in multi-year agreements, and we have worked to make sure all inventory is ads.txt compliant.
  • High Impact Units: we offer in-feed and homepage placements to capture user attention when users are looking for what’s next.
  • Third-Party Verification:We layer on leading verification and brand safety solutions like IAS, MOAT, etc. with a 99.1% IAS Safety Rating. AdChoices, TAG Certified
  • Second Price Auction: All inventory is accessible via a unified and transparent auction. Customize inventory sources, price, and get deal priority through Private Marketplace deals.
  • Audience Targeting: you can enhance your bids with first and third-party audience data. Access unique Taboola audience data through
  • Existing Native and Social Assets: to make things easier, extend your existing social and native campaigns into familiar ad formats.

With Taboola Video, advertisers can enjoy new audiences, even more publisher exposure and a better way for people to engage with their brand. For more information or to get started, contact us at video@taboola.com.

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