What are publishers today most interested in when it comes to monetizing their websites? We dug into the Taboola Blog archives to find out.

These are the top five most read blog posts for publishers this year—each of these posts made our top list for the number of people that read them and the amount of time spent with each article.

We’ve uncovered hot topics like user experience, revenue and much more.

The One Content Consumer that Publishers Aren’t Optimizing UX for—and How to Start

Content consumers online can fall into two general buckets—those who are looking for something specific, and those who aren’t.

Check out the post for the data on who you might be missing out on.

Here’s How Online Publishers Increase Their RPMs With Taboola

Digital media companies big and small are experimenting with revenue models that cater to new consumer behaviors, from in-stream video to subscriber paywalls to native ads, which now drive more revenue than traditional display for many publishers.

Specifically, there are some common tactics that Taboola’s publisher partners use to boost their on-site monetization, while sustaining a strong user experience for their audiences.

Check out the full post to find out what they are.

A Publisher’s Solution to Decreasing Attention from Content Consumers

We know that studies have found that the average consumer decides whether or not to engage with content after only eight seconds. They’re spending less time per each piece of content.

Here’s how to keep them engaged.

How We Can Make Programmatic Transparency a Reality, as Told by Industry Leaders

Everyone—publishers, agencies, and technologies—are now liable for the data they own and the way they use it, and as these players dive into their processes, they’re trying to make sense of the new regulation.

We had the privilege of hearing some of the greatest minds in advertising speak about this on stage at Advertising Week.

Read the full post to see what they had to say.

Publishers with Ads.txt Saw a Surprising Amount of Revenue Uplift Over Those Without

If you haven’t yet implemented an ads.txt file on your website, you may be missing out on revenue—it brings transparency to an otherwise difficult to navigate marketplace by allowing publishers the ability to publicly authorize digital sellers on their site.

Check out the post to see just how much revenue we’re talking about.

In addition to our blog content, our most read blog announcements were about our partnerships with BILD, Tribune Publishing and TMBI. Readers were also interested in our ads.txt tool and the release of our new Weather Card for Taboola Feed.

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