What are brands today interested in when it comes to new technologies and strategies for reaching consumers? We dug into the Taboola Blog archives to find out.

These are the top five most read blog posts for brands this year—each of these posts made our top list for the number of people that read them and the amount of time spent with each article.

We’ve uncovered hot topics like video, advertising technology, strategy and more.

Mister Spex CEO on Their Consumer-First Marketing Strategy and Disrupting the Eyeglass Industry

Disruptive brands are emerging in their markets with a bang, and in many cases, are able to do so with powerful digital marketing strategy in their arsenal.

This year at dmexco, our CEO hosted a panel on just that topic; how startups disrupt age-old industries with digital-first strategies

Check out what Mister Spex said about their disruptive strategy.

Where CMOs Stand On Advertising, Media Channels, & Marketing Technology

The best way to know what’s going on inside the minds of today’s CMOs as it relates to advertising is to ask them.

Nielsen has done exactly that. They invited 3,000 CMOs to participate in its first annual CMO Report. Read the full post to see what they found.

Banner Blindness: Eye-Opening Observations, Recommendations & Remedies

Today, it’s been said (far too often) you have a higher probability of surviving a plane crash or winning the lottery than clicking a banner ad.

Yes, this is a big slice of hyperbole, but it does open the gate to examining a very real problem in online marketing…Banner ads are a bust.

Read the full post to discover how to combat it.

The Video Campaign Tragedy Ailing Digital Marketers: Using Available Data

Remember when Michael Dublin, CEO of Dollar Shave Club, charmed us all with his punchy digital video ad complete with the F-bomb and deep truth about the price of razor blades? These videos took over the web because let’s face it: they were creative genius.

But the brands themselves, even though they sold very different products, all had one thing in common—they understood the power of truly knowing their audience.

Read the full post to find out how you can too.

Six-Second Ads That Work, as Told by Advertising Week Speakers

If we learned one thing at Adweek, it’s this: we’re getting smarter about video. In between the elevator rides, the comfy movie theater seats and the dreams of more popcorn, conversations about video advertising reverberated throughout the venue.

After visiting, one thing was clear, if you’re flip-flopping with video, it’s because your goals aren’t.

Read the full post to see what the experts had to say.

In addition to these blog posts, readers were also interested in our announcement about our new pixel, our landing page analyzer produced in partnership with Unbounce, our new lookalike audience feature and our milestone in which we hit 1,000 Taboolars.

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