What are agencies today interested in when it comes to new technologies and strategies for finding success for clients? We dug into the Taboola Blog archives to find out.

These are the top five most read blog posts for agencies this year—each of these posts made our top list for the number of people that read them and the amount of time spent with each article.

We’ve uncovered hot topics like revenue strategy, personal growth and consumer data.

Why So Many Marketing Agencies Are Becoming Irrelevant

Digital technology has been the greatest change agent of our time. There’s not much it hasn’t touched, and without question, the new face of marketing is digital through and through.

Just as you may still find a phone booth on some street corners, a video store in some towns, and a fax machine in some offices, it’s not impossible to find some good old-fashioned ad agencies that continue reaping revenues from earning commissions based on placing media.

The thing is, they’re not the ones making it big.

How One Woman Went Against the Odds and Became a Leading Figure in Digital Advertising in Austria

At Taboola, we’re lucky to have worked with many wonderful women—one of whom is Xenia Daum, the Managing Director at styria digital one. We celebrated her on 2018’s International Women’s Day.

Daum has a lot to say about the role of work in our lives. Here’s how she went from a time where she rose to become one of the most successful ad operations groups in Austria.

Consumer Data: These 2 Months Have the Highest Demand for Travel Content

Summertime. Across the globe, it’s the time when consumers are starting to plan their summer holidays and travel brands have an opportunity to reach them while there is high interest.

We took at look at consumer activity in the travel vertical over the past year and noticed that although brand campaign activity is steady throughout, we saw a huge increase in click-through-rate two months in particular.

Read the full post to find out what they are.

Heart-Stopping Suspense Isn’t Just for Scary Movies—it’s for Native Video Too

Suspenseful feelings can be either positive or negative—videos that include everything from romance to a thriller can incite you to cringe in suspense.

Both events are suspenseful, and marketers can learn from how both types of suspenseful events incited action in the viewer. Here’s out to implement suspense in your videos.

Finally, we couldn’t just pick one. Check out our industry-specific series on holiday marketing.

We cover best practices in the following industries:

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