Kaltura & Taboola – Join Our Webinar This Thursday @2pm – Unlock Your Undiscovered Video Audiences

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Content Is King.
BUT only if there is an audience. So where is the audience?
Syndication, YouTube channels, Multi Platform, Better Meta Tags, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, more videos, better creative, better streaming, and much more. There are many ways for publishers to increase their video views and build a video business. On the webinar we’ll discuss the Content Discovery Revolution, and the opportunities publishers can go after to succeed in video.
How do people discover videos?
Search, social, recommendations, what’s the difference?
Paid, Owned, Earned – how can recommendations help?
What are some best practices?
At the end of the video, at the bottom of the article, oh the homepage – what recommendations should show up?
How does Mobile play into it and can video recommendations help mobile users discover videos?
How can the editorial team leverage content recommendation platforms?
And much more… !

Missed the live webinar? Watch the recording on the Kaltura website.