How to Adapt 5 Effective Amazon Prime Day Marketing Techniques For Your Brand

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Alternate Title #1: 5 Valuable Marketing Lessons From Amazon Prime Day

Whether you love or hate online retailing behemoth Amazon, it’s clear that their team knows what they’re doing when it comes to marketing Amazon Prime Day. According to a McKinsey consumer survey, last year, 80% of all American consumers “were aware” Prime Day was happening.

Yet, you don’t have to own a massive e-commerce business to benefit from its strategies. You can use them effectively to promote your products and services outside of Amazon.

Take a page from Amazon’s playbook and adapt five effective Amazon Prime Day marketing techniques for your brand to use online anywhere, anytime of the year.

Offer Flash Sales During Your Slow Periods

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The first Amazon Prime Day happened in July, 2015 as a one-day event in a traditionally slow shopping season. Prime Day offers time-limited, deep discounts on selective items and introduces new Amazon products.

Items are discounted for as little as a few hours during the event, which has grown from one day to a full 48-hours in 2019. It’s a mega-flash sale.

It’s easy to adapt the Amazon Day marketing strategy to your own online sales. Identify your slow period, then offer your most popular items or new product launches at 60% off (or more) for a few hours or days during this period.

Focus on FOMO

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Amazon’s marketing techniques make the most of its customers’ ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO). They build anticipation with a very short pre-launch phase.

Amazon waits until a few weeks before Prime Day to announce the ACTUAL day(s). This year, for example, Prime Day is on July 15 and 16. Yet, Amazon didn’t announce Prime Day until the last week in June, 20 days before the actual event.

Amazon also offers ‘sneak peeks’ of select sale products and new product launches via its mobile app.

Adapt this Amazon Day marketing technique for your business with select online ads on social media and Google to let your audience know a flash sale is coming. Keep the ads short and run them just prior to your event.

Play Up The Exclusivity

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Amazon introduced Amazon Prime Day to encourage shoppers to subscribe to its Amazon Prime membership by offering ‘members only’ enticing sale prices over a short time frame.

The message is clear: Prime Day deals are exclusively for members. To find out about

them and get the best deals you must become a member.

Apply this idea to your own audience. Use online content (blog posts or videos), social media messages and online ads to offer exclusive discounts to your site or newsletter subscribers only. Even if it’s free to subscribe, share the message that ‘members’ of your online community get exclusive discounts during your sales.

Offer Rock-Bottom Deals Within the Deal

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Lightening Deals are extreme, time-limited discounts on items that often are in limited quantities. Lightening Deals usually last a few hours within the longer Amazon Prime Day event.

Apply the ‘deal-within-a-deal’ marketing technique to your event by emailing your subscribers a very short sales window of one or two hours on one specific product. Or offer a deep discount on a limited quantity basis — for example ‘70% off for the first ten orders received.’

‘Prime’ Your List

After four years, Amazon customers (and the rest of the world) now know that the Amazon Prime Day event happens sometime each July. Through carefully-timed online communications and announcements, Amazon masterfully prepares customers to anticipate an awesome shopping experience every summer.

Prime your customers and online audience with these methods before your own flash sale. Add a hero bar or maybe a text box to your home page, for example, announcing the upcoming sale a week (or even a few days) prior to your sale.

Create a brief email sequence in the days leading to a flash sale or special event. Keep your email short and prepare your customers with phrases such as: ‘Get ready for our annual sale,’ or ‘It’s almost here.’

Although Amazon is a mammoth in the e-commerce world, its marketing techniques include valuable strategies easily adaptable to businesses of all sizes. Use one or more of these methods in your own online business.

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