At Taboola, we’re huge believers in talent over experience. Of course, experience has its place, but you simply can’t beat passion, the drive to succeed and god given talent. Time and again, our interns and employees fresh from college have proven that to be a fact.

One such case is Roni Yahav who started at Taboola as a part-time analyst while he was working towards a degree in Computer Science and Environmental Studies. He made such a strong impression on us that we offered him to join the team as a full-time employee when he graduated. Last week, as he moved on to the next step in his career, and he shared with us how much the two years he spent with Taboola meant to him in the most creative, inspiring way.

Roni asked his mother, Ilana Yahav, a world renowned artist who works with sand and her hands to create magical stories on video, to design “the Taboola story.” A video of origin, inspiration, growth and gratitude. The end result is a  touching tribute I will never forget.

I am grateful to be able to share this amazing, unique and inspiring story with you.

Roni Yahav, thank you for your diligence, perspective and appreciation. We wish you luck on your journey ahead.

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